10 Reasons Aries Is The Bad Bitch Sign Of The Zodiac


1. An Aries person is the best person to lead you into battle, metaphorically or literally!

Aries uses anger as a force of sheer power & are known for their fiery demeanor in the face of pressure, they will risk themselves to save others although!

2. Aries people don’t hold grudges, they are some of the hardest & most intense lovers of the astrological chain, but once they’re over you. They never look back.

Adamantly and stubbornly committed to getting over issues as fast as they fell into them.

3. An Aries person is blunt & straight to the point people find this arrogant & domineering, Aries simply hates walking on eggshells.

Their egos and magnetic personalities often entice others to follow their lead & their confidence are infectious.

4. Aries lack social etiquette & when they want something they are the first to go & grab it.

Independence is key to Aries astrology, they like to dominate the environment & start trends.

5. They protect the vulnerable & are champions of the underdogs.

Aries may seem possessive, but they have a sense of loyalty to the ones they love that borders on Selflessness.

6. Despite their impulsive nature, they are quick to apologize while justifying their actions.

As a sign of the Ram, stubbornness is a con but they are charming even when furious

7. They are so passionate that being told to do something tedious fills them with despair.

Attempting to convince, coerce, beg, rationalize, plead, or manipulate the Aries is a waste of time. They switch completely off.

8. If an Aries likes you, they won’t pass up the opportunity to completely dissect your brain.

Courageous & Assertive they will have your back, especially when you cannot defend yourself.

9. The best social chameleons when it comes to parties & debates

Arians are activists. If a comes their way, they tend to plunge right in!

10. Highly impatient and competitive, many Aries have the fighting spirit of a mythological ruler.