10 Reasons Aries Is The Worst Astrological Sign


What is your astrological sign? Do you know what it is? Do you read your horoscope? If you do is it just a bit of fun or do you truly believe that the month of your birth can impact on your character, your behavior and what will happen to you in your life?

Whether or not you take astrology seriously there are many people who use horoscopes to advise and guide the choices they make in their lives. They believe that their characters, their relationships and their life journey can be predicted and that they can be impacted through their interactions and engagements with people. People who take horoscopes seriously also believe that certain astrological signs have certain traits and characteristics that will interact with their own sign’s characteristics in certain ways and will therefore go out of their way to encourage or avoid relationships based on those signs.

This means that even if you do not believe in the power of horoscopes you might find that some of your personal or professional relationships are defined by your ‘sign’ simply because of the beliefs that others hold. It is often said that Aries (the Ram), the first sign of the zodiac that covers those born between March 21 and April 19 is the worst possible sign of the zodiac.

So should you be avoiding Arians or, if you yourself are an Aries does this explain any of the problems you have in your day to day life and relationships. Here are our top 10 reasons to beware of those born under the sign of the Ram!

The Ram Knows What He Wants And Will Not Let Anything Get In His Way

Of all the signs of the zodiac those born under the sign of the Ram are possibly the most goal oriented. An Aries will stop at absolutely nothing to achieve what they want. Aries will never give up, they will let nothing stand in the way of achieving their goal.
This may sound like a desirable trait and it can make Aries very efficient workers, if given a task by a manager and Aries will deliver, every time. It can also make Aries very dangerous. Beware an Aries co-worker who covets your position, they will do everything they can to undermine you, to make you look weak and incompetent while at the same time positioning themselves as your natural replacement.
So successful are they at this that you might not even know they are doing it – you might even think they are your closest supporter.
In their private life this same trait can make an Aries a perfidious friend. If they want your partner as their lover they will never allow their friendship with you to get in the way of their desire. Similarly they think nothing of cheating on their own partner to slake their personal lusts.
Of course not all Aries are job and partner stealing evil geniuses; some can be very nice people indeed. Just watch out if you have something they want!

Arians Live A Life Full Of Adventure

Adventure is great. Adventure is good, it adds spice to life and can be something to look forward to during the dreary 9-5 (or more accurately these days, 8-8) drudge of the working week. Adventure helps us to stretch our capabilities and find out who we truly are. So far so great, but those born under the sign of Aries really to have this tendency to take their desire for adventure just that little bit too far. If your boss is an Aries don’t be surprised if you find that the next corporate day involves some form of outdoors team building activity – anyone for naked, blindfold whitewater rafting?

Arians like to turn every day activities into a quest, they will often look for the most intriguing way to do something (‘why drive on the interstate when we can go down that deep dark lane’). This same thirst for adventure can make an Aries positively unreliable. If they are not getting the adventure they crave from their everyday life, work and relationship they will start to look at how they can put more adventure into the mix. It might be that they just pack up and leave or, if you are really unlucky they might decide to make their next adventure your job or your partner (see above).

Aries Like To Claim That They Are Romantic But They Are True Smother Lovers

Ask any Aries about their defining characteristics and they will almost certainly say that they are an incurable romantic. If this makes them sound like the perfect bedroom or life partner think again.
The truth is that an Aries is almost always a control freak

(see number 1 above) and they use romance as another tactic to get what they want. At the start of the relationship you can expect chocolates, flowers, perfume etc (or the male equivalents of course) but these are tools in the Arian’s cabinet of tricks, used to lure you into a false sense of security. Remember we spoke about the Arian’s love for adventure?

Well they can be adventurous in the bedroom as well and will think nothing of convincing you to do something they want even if you are hesitant. Of course we are not saying that all Arians are rapists or sexual predators but you might find yourself being courted (ever so nicely at first with some hard hitting guilt trips ‘you’d do it if you really loved me’ coming later) into doing something you are not really happy to do.
Arians have a tendency towards acting very possessive with the people they love. They like to hold your hand in public but while this is partly to make them feel good it is also partly to advertise to the world that you are theirs and others had better back off! While not all narcissists are Arian the personality traits of an Aries means that they have a greater tendency towards becoming a narcissist. If your Arian other half shows signs of this type of possessive behavior beware – it is a big red flag warning you of the potential for an abusive relationship.

Arians Are Absolutely Awful Followers

As the first sign of the zodiac Arians make fantastic leaders (see above) as long as they learn to temper their natural desires with discretion or surround themselves with advisors who will help them to know when they need to hold back. An Aries will typically lead from the front and will very rarely ever ask their people to do anything they would not be willing to do themselves.

Their innate ambition combined with their natural abilities means that they often seek the limelight of leadership (and they will stop at nothing including destroying their boss in order to obtain that position – see above). This same tendency means that they are absolutely atrocious followers. They hate to be told what to do and they dislike having to take a subordinate position. Because Arians do not suffer fools gladly pity the poor boss who makes a mistake – their Arian subordinate will never, ever, let them forget it.
Arians are naturally quick witted and very intelligent and will often grasp even a difficult and abstruse concept very quickly. They will not hesitate to pour scorn on their team mates who struggle and take longer to get their heads around things and it is not at all unusual to find that an Aries who is part of a larger team will often take themselves away to work on projects in isolation from others. If they cannot be the boss of the team they will engineer a situation in which they are the boss of themselves and their own little part of the project (and of course when their section of the project performs brilliantly they are so much better placed to take control of the whole thing!). In essence you should always remember that an Aries is always a Ram, the leader of the herd and never, ever a sheep.

Arians Can Be Extremely Selfish

This trait is one of the most troubling of all the negative traits expressed by those born under Aries. We have already seen (above) that an Aries who knows what they want will stop at nothing to make sure that they get their heart’s desire. They would destroy another, even a close friend, to ensure that it happens and they won’t feel bad about it. Fundamentally they believe that they are magnificent and that they deserve the very, very best.

That is not to say that Aries are incapable of doing something for someone else, of course they can but they will almost always be carrying out a cost/benefit analysis to make sure that this favor will, ultimately, be in their interest to grant you. For some Arians this selfishness and self-serving attitude is so ingrained that it has become a second nature and they may not even be aware that they are doing it.
The problem is that you can never be sure of an Aries, you never know when it stops being in their interest to be your friend or colleague and start to stab you in the back!

An Aries Will Almost Always Have A Short Temper

Aries is one of three signs in the western Zodiac to be considered a ‘fire’ sign and boy does this meaning become clear when you meet an Aries on a bad day. Arians have the most awful, fiery tempers that you can possibly imagine.

Because of their innate intelligence and strong leadership traits they often process information quickly. While beneficial in some circumstances this can sometimes lead to them jumping to conclusions before hearing everyone out. Once they make a decision (even if it is wrong) they have made it and woe betides anyone who tries to point out their mistake. In fact an Aries resents being told they are wrong so much that they are likely to mask their embarrassment with even more explosions of anger.

Their love of adventure and exploration means that the worst job in the world for an Aries is something mundane and routine. They love to start new projects but again can start to lose their temper when progress is not as fast as they want it to be, they become impatient and just discard their pet plan looking for the next shiny new idea to take their fancy.

If you spend time around an Aries be prepared to be on tenterhooks for most of that time because you never, ever know when the next explosion is coming from.

Arians Have A Tendency To Trust Too Much

It may seem counter intuitive for a sign that has such strong personality traits but Arians often leave themselves wide open to hurt as they have a tendency to be far too trusting. Someone can stab them in the back and they will turn around, remove their shirt and give them the opportunity to do it again and again. Fundamentally Arians like to believe the best of people. Because they tend towards bluntness and excessive adherence to the truth (see below) they find it hard to believe that others may not be scrupulously honest.

This can be a disaster for the Aries themselves as they leave themselves open to real pain and hurt but it can be truly dreadful for those other people who surround the Aries. Consider what happens when an Arian that has maneuvered themselves into a position of power, using their strong drive towards and desire for leadership roles makes a repeated mistake. Whether it is an Aries that is managing a team at work who gives an unreliable supplier one too many chances or one who gives a toxic or abusive life partner one too many chances to try to fix their family there is a lot of scope for others to be hurt.

Because an Aries often knows exactly what they want and will do anything to make it happen these situations can become entrenched with an Arian leader who has made a bad decision forcing his team or family to live with the consequences of his failure.

Aries make brilliant leaders (see above) and their innate desire for adventure and huge reserves of boundless energy combine to give them an inbuilt reserve of courage that goes way beyond the average. An Aries won’t back away from a fight – if there is something they believe in they will stand up for it against all odds. Like many of the traits we mention in this article this has the potential to be a good thing. The world needs people who have the courage of their convictions. The trouble is that Arians tend, like always to take things too far.

Their courage and extreme bluntness (see below) can become a toxic combination that prevents an Aries from having the common sense to know when to shut up, when enough is enough or when discretion is the better part of valor. An Aries mountain climber stuck in a blizzard will make it to the top of the mountain come hell or high water or he will die in the attempt. He will never stop to consider that such an attempt should sometimes be postponed to a more appropriate time.

Spending Time With An Aries Really Wears You Out

Arians are full of energy, they have so much get up and go that they almost never get around to sitting down at all. In fact they can be positively exhausting to watch. This is good so far as it goes, everyone needs someone to motivate them and an Aries can make a great personal trainer but this same trait can be exhausting in a partner, friend or colleague.
Just imagine that you come home after a long day at work only to find that your Arian partner has decided that you are going to be training for a marathon together. There is no point resisting, an Aires always, always gets what they want (see above) and they will attack you like a terrier until you give in.
It is this energy that leads them on their constant search for adventure (see above) but their lack of empathy can result in them complaining if you fail to engage in the activities to the extent they want you to and can even result in them being breathtakingly rude to you – all in the name of honesty is the best policy (see below).

Arians Are Blunt To The Point Of Rudeness

Have you ever come across someone who prides themselves on being scrupulously honest, of always telling the truth? It sounds good doesn’t it but in reality such people can be hurtful and unpleasant and they wrap this flaw in faux concern for others. Think of the woman who shames a new parent for using a bottle instead of breast feeding ‘I am sure you would not have done that if you had really understood how good breastmilk is, formula really is not good for babies you know, hopefully when you have another you can do it right next time’. Or the person who likes to make others feel bad about their looks; ‘well haven’t you put on weight’.

Of course honesty is the best policy and we don’t condone lying to others but sometimes it is better not to be blunt, to show some care and concern about others. Arians simply do not have the ability to do this, when they look at a situation they see their way and the wrong way and have no understanding of the shades of grey that exist in any situation.

This does make Arians fantastic advocates for a cause but lousy friends and confidants. Even worse, while other signs might agree with the Arian’s stance but know when to keep a diplomatic silence and Aries will just voice their opinion, no matter how hurtful or inappropriate. Don’t expect your pro-life Arian friend to show any compassion to a woman who has to have an abortion for medical reasons or as a result of a rape and certainly don’t expect your second Amendment supporting Ram to bend at all when it comes to restrictions on gun purchases even in the wake of an horrendous massacre in your home town!

So are you an Aries or do you know an Aries? Do the personality traits we describe above apply to the Arian in your life? They might help to explain an awful lot.
So many typically Arian traits are beneficial, are things we look to inculcate in ourselves and our loved ones but an Aries, with typical Arian intensity, simply takes things too far. They are competent, even exceptional leaders but hate to be told when they have made a mistake, they get angry and are selfish. They speak their mind with admirable honesty but never pull their punches even when it would be diplomatic to do so.

They have huge ambitions but will trample even on those they love best to achieve them and while they love with an intensity that many would envy that love can turn to control before you know it. It is this potentially toxic combination that makes Aries the worst astrological sign in the Zodiac.

Now we don’t suggest that you deal with these issues by removing all Aries from your life and refusing to interact with them but simply being aware of these tendencies and issues should help you to manage your dealings with them to ensure that you are prepared for the worst that can happen (always watch your back round an Aries). Still – it could be worse! If you have read about the characteristics of the Snake in the Chinese Zodiac you will know that a Snake/Aries combination is one that is truly to be feared…

Source : www.listland.com