10 Things You Will Only Get If You Are an Aries


Being an Aries is a surefire recipe for a life which is full of excitement and adventure. You’ve a head on quality to life and do your absolute best to never let anything stand in your way. However, there are a couple of things you do, reasons you do them and feelings that only your fellow Aries would understand.

1. Caution , whats that? : You jump head on into a situation or decision and figure out your way to navigate it once you get there. Waiting and analysing something seems way to slow and boring to you.

2. You start a dozen projects at once, but barely finish any: With your energy and optimism , you are happy to start many new things , but if you do manage to finish it through before losing interest , it s a cause for celebration.

3. Being shy is not a part of your dictionary: You can talk to anyone , especially strangers.You consider everyone around you as a friend and are stimulated by engaging with new people constantly.
4. You’ll tell someone exactly what you think : Sugarcoating or being diplomatic isn’t something you waste time on. If you feel a certain away about something, you’ll say it . Your intent isn’t malicious but you do end up causing some people to be uncomfortable.

5. You secretly have a humongous heart: You’re extremely kind hearted, though not everyone can tell. Underneath your loud and dominant upfront personality, you’re caring, kind and easily hurt. Most people don’t see that as you hide it well.

6. You love new experiences : Food, travel, a new class, bar or fad, you’re always the first to sign up for everything unexplored and life life to the fullest.

7. You will always be or fake confidence : Letting other people see your weakness is just not an option . You are mostly self assured about what you do but even if you are doubtful you put up a five star performance .
8. You tend to jump from relationship to relationship : You like to explore your options, test the waters and find out all thats out there . If something isn’t working out in a relationship, you lose interest quickly and move on. You want love and commitment, but with someone special.

9. You change your mind really fast : From what to eat, to how you feel, you can change your decision extremely fast and with a lot of ease. There are so many different factors to consider, your mind is happy to take them all in.
and lastly….

10. Everrrrrything is a competition : A casual game of cards or charades does not exist for you. If you’re doing something , you’ve to win. You love coming out on top , from the smallest things to the most major parts of your life .

Source : www.cosmopolitan.in