12 things you’ll understand if you’re an Aries girl


This year belongs to the Aries girls

Being the first sign in the zodiac, you always look for something energetic and turbulent in life. You continuously looking for vibrant, swiftness and struggle. From work to social gatherings you try to be first in everything. Here are few other things you’ll easily know being an Aries girl

1. You like going to your mans place and spend time with him till sunset.

2. You want a powerful man till you actually find someone and realize you were in search of a wrong person the whole time

3. You try to make messy bun atleast 5 times a day

4. When you try to rest your eyes for 5 mins but instead end up sleeping for 5 hours\

5. Your bank account will go down on you more than your man

6. Makeup is annoying for you

7. You hate when people ask “Are you on diet?”

8. You are animal in bed. You can sleep more than 22 hours a day

9. You are taken for granted most of the times

10. You sometimes accidently think of some awkward moment few years back and feel bad

11. People stare at you like they have never seen a goddess before

12. You set an alarm “6:00 AM, 6:03 Am, 6:05 AM, 6:07 AM, 6:09 AM, 6:11 AM but still wake up after 8:00 AM

Source : www.ezwed.in