21 Signs You Could Only Be An Aries


You’re extra and you don’t care

“You’re not crying because someone hurt your feelings you’re crying because they made you so mad and it would be illegal to kill them.”

1. You’re very physically active.

You literally always have to be moving or you don’t know what to do with yourself. You are not the type of person who thinks that a date to the movies would be fun at all. You like an adventure. You like competition. A date to the YMCA would be ideal so that you could beat them in every sport that there is.

2. You’re always putting yourself in danger.

You love a good adrenaline rush so you are constantly doing things that scare you. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. It means that you aren’t afraid to take risks. The bad part is that you could literally die.

3. If something requires any type of patience you will most likely get mad.

Waiting in line at a store is literally impossible. If you are trying to do something and it requires any sort of effort (mentally) forget it. You get annoyed with technology because it doesn’t work half the time.

4. If someone does something such as blink the wrong way you are likely to headlock them and take them to the ground.

You have a very short temper and are extremely aggressive when it comes to people who you do not like. You won’t even think before you act if they do something wrong to you. You literally have zero chill.

5. People think you’re really funny and entertaining.

You are always making people laugh and doing things that they don’t really consider “normal”.

6. People also think you’re annoying.

You talk a lot. You are constantly doing random things. Sometimes this can be extremely annoying to other people, but I mean hey, as long as you’re having fun.

7. Sweatpants are BAE.

You are instantly in a bad mood if you have to wear anything but sweats. Jeans are the devil.

8. If you dress up it’s for a special occasion.

You literally only dress up if it is required or you can’t attend the event that you are going to. You would probably wear your “nice” sweatpants to your wedding if you could.

9. You spend all of your money within the first few days of getting your paycheck and it’s on stuff that you literally don’t even know why you bought it.

I’m not just talking about things like food or makeup. I’m talking about things like dogs. You see something you want and you “need” it. Then all of a sudden it pees on your rug and you’re like why did I spend $500 on this thing?

10. You love yourself more than you will probably love anyone else. Ever.

You are so obsessed with yourself you forget that there are other people in this world sometimes. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t nice, it means that you look out for yourself before anyone else.

11. You only like people for the chase. Real relationships are boring.

You feel like you fell in love until you actually get into a relationship then you don’t like the person anymore.

12. You get overly excited about random things.

Sponge Bob is on? This is your reaction. You see something funny on Twitter? This is your reaction. The zit on your face went away? This is your reaction.

13. You tend to look at the good before you look at the bad.

You tend to see the good in people before you see the bad. You trust people a little bit more than you actually should. However, once they do you wrong you want to kill them.

14. You likely were a straight up boss at whatever sport you played.

And by “whatever sport you played” I mean you probably tried to play them all and were good at most of them.

Source : www.theodysseyonline.com