5 Reasons That Can Make Aries “Dead”


Reasons that can make Aries dead?

We mean dead? Really?

Ahh, death is a cruel reality and of course, we all have to face this cruelty of nature one day.
Unfortunately, no one can escape death and everyone is going to die differently. Although we never talked to dead but deep in our heart a voice says, that the experience of death is definitely different for everyone.

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Dear Arians you are lovely, energetic and passionate but the bad news is that you are also going to die someday. And our concern is that have you ever thought about the possible reasons for your departure? No…? No problem. We have already planned safety measures for you. You may find it silly but trust us, here are the possible reasons for your death.

1. Health Risks to Arians

Aries are the first zodiac sign and governs head and brain in the human body.

As Aries deals with head, brain, and nervesso all the possible head complaints can come to

Aries. From headaches to injuries on head and face, you need to be especially careful.

Aries can also encounter gum problems, migraines and mouth diseases and who knows?

Brain tumor also comes under head disease section….

Oh lord!!! Save my Arians ….. :O

2. Physical Accidents

Aries are good at physical activities. They are energetic and young. They make good athletes and we doubt that their hiking ability may ditch someday or maybe their swimming luck just got bad and they might be attacked by some shark or octopus.

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3. by Their Ex

Arians are not good partners when it comes to long-term commitments and relationships.

Mostly, Aries like to hook for short period and easily get bored with long relationships.

Aries are heart breakers when we talk about loyalty but every time escape is not that easy.

So always pay attention to your environment after ditching someone. Maybe an ex starts haunting you. And some exes can really end up in being murderers. Don’t let them kill you.

4. Daring and Challenging Nature

Yeah, we know you are competitive and love challenges. We also know that you are not afraid to take risks and can even dare to climb a mountain. But oops… there is no mattress under the hill, waiting for your great fall. So if you managed to live after such a great fall, please next time be careful to choose your dares.

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5. Aggression

Arians are fierce and aggressive by nature. You might have heard about the term “burning with anger”. So we hope that one day your anger might not shoot up to the degree where you have only left ashes.




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