7 Aries Traits Which You Must Know


Aries is known for a bevy of traits, and many of those characteristics are truly unique to this sign and come from her placement in the zodiac. In fact, Aries’ native first house in the zodiac wheel dictates much of the personality traits this sign often expresses.

Typical and Notable Aries Traits

Some typical Aries traits you’re likely to encounter when dealing with this sign include the following.

1. A Me First Attitude

There’s no denying it; Aries definitely has a me-first attitude. This is not the kind of sign that pauses to see how his mate is doing. It’s not that he won’t ask, it’s just that he typically doesn’t listen long enough to hear the answer. Aries is not doing this to be rude. In fact, this sign is actually very polite, but he simply can’t help it. It’s just the way he’s built.

2. No Nonsense

Aries is also, for the most part, a very honest sign that tells it like it is. If you want to know the truth about something, there is a very good chance that Aries will give it to you straight. Additionally, Aries doesn’t like to hear excuses, so unless you are dealing with extraordinary circumstances, don’t even both mentioning your tale to her.

3. Aggressive and Feisty

Aries is known for being the fighter of the zodiac for good reason; it’s true. Aries never gives up. In fact, only Scorpio rivals Aries in terms of determination, so no matter the dire straits of a situation, you can definitely count on Aries when the chips are down.

4. Romantic

It may seem strange in the face of all that feistiness, but Aries is a very romantic sign. In fact, Aries loves to be in love and is not at all averse to partnering up will someone for a lifetime. If it was up to Aries, people would always meet their one true love and literally ride off into the sunset.

Truth be told, one of the only things in life that can crack this sign’s bravado is having her heart broken. If Aries truly cares about someone and that person has moved on, it can take Aries quite some time before she does the same.

5. Passionate and Enthusiastic

It’s almost impossible not to smile in the face of Aries’ optimistic outlook on life. This is an enthusiastic sign that’s up for just about anything. Even better is the fact that she’s so passionate; Aries doesn’t even try to hide her feelings. If Aries says she’s game, you can rest assured that she’s telling you the truth, and if an Aries man tells you that he loves you, you can take that sentiment to the bank.

6. Slightly Childlike

Aries natives, similar to Geminis, never really grow up and never lose their boyish or girlish charm. Much of this innocence comes from the fact that every day is truly a new day and a fresh start for the sign. Aries greets each experience, especially new experiences, with the same wide-eyed delight that children do; holiday mornings, whether Aries is five or fifty, are still greeted with unbridled excitement.

In fact, one of Aries’ best traits is the fact that she rarely becomes jaded. If you ever need a quick pick me up, hang out with an Aries for a while and learn from her perspective since it will help you to appreciate things with a fresh set of eyes.

7. Not-So-Typical Aries

If these Aries traits don’t ring true for you or the Aries you know, keep in mind the placements of the other planets in the chart. Each planet in the astrological chart holds sway over the various areas of life;

if a planet is strongly aspected but in a sign other than Aries, these typical Aries traits might not show themselves as readily. Even so, if Aries is on the first house cusp or is the sun sign, you can be sure that the essential elements of the sign will be clear.

Source : horoscopes.lovetoknow.com