7 Things You Shouldn’t Say To An Aries


People who are born under this sign are vibrant, magnetic and fierce. They have childish personalities but can also be quite dominant and headstrong. They are impulsive and egocentric and they’re not afraid to speak the truth.

Here are 7 things an Aries never ever wants to hear:

1. Do you need some help?

They are very independent people who don’t rely on others, they prefer to figure things out on their own. Unless they are in big trouble, it’s better if you don’t offer to help.

2. Why are you acting like a baby?

Aries are very stubborn and often lose their temper so it’s better to keep your distance when they start ranting.

3. Shut up!

Though very sociable, they can be very opinionated so it’s best not to tell an Aries to stop talking.

4. Would you let it go already?

It’s better not to challenge an Aries because you will never win a fight with them. They can become quite aggressive.

5. You’re being so selfish!

If they act egoistically, they are only looking out for themselves, that’s part of their independent nature.

6. Calm down!

Never tell them to calm down, they freak out even more.

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7. You gotta change this!

They are natural born leaders, they find it hard to accept advice from friends.

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Source : upvee.co