9 Love Habits Of An Aries


9 Love Habits Of An Aries

Many people think that Aries are aggressive, stubborn, and hot-headed people. Though those qualities are often not misrepresented in an Aries, there are a lot of really great qualities about Aries that you may not even know of. If you’re lucky enough to catch an Aries and fall in love, just know that your life will be far from ordinary and you will experience a genuine, long-lasting, and fun-filled life by their side! Here are ten love habits that make Aries great lovers:

1. Aries love the chase.

Aries are known for being the type of people who thrive off of excitement. They like to be entertained and if they’re not, they don’t usually have a problem with moving on. That being said, Aries love the chase of going after someone that they want. Generally, Aries are very straight-forward in their feelings and you will know their feelings for you quickly. However, Aries also loved to be chased. Aries like to be in control and that is no different in love. They want to be chased and know that you want them as much as they want you.

2. Aries do love to talk about themselves but they’re really great listeners too.

If an Aries trusts you, they are open books. They enjoy talking about themselves and it won’t take you long to see who an Aries is. However, even though Aries love to talk about themselves, they also want to know about you. Aries are frustrated by people who are not genuine and honest in who they are as a person. Aries are great listeners for this reason. People often think that Aries can be judgemental but don’t let that keep you from being honest with them. They will appreciate you more for that.

3. Aries like to keep things new and exciting.

Because Aries have no problem moving on from things that don’t excite them, Aries are the type of people that enjoy adventure. They want to try new things with you even if they end up disliking them. They want to climb mountains and drive cross-country just because. They like to have nights in but a night out on the town every now and then is a must. Surprise them (no matter how much they want to be in control) and open them up to trying new things. They will probably fight you on it at first but get them excited about it and they’re yours.

4. Aries fall in-love quickly.

Aries are very passionate lovers so when they find someone who matches that fire, they run with it. This can sometimes wind them up with a broken heart or in over their head but they are very enthusiastic in the pursuit of love. Their motto – “it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.”

5. Aries are one-on-one lovers.

DO. NOT. CHEAT. ON. AN. ARIES. Aries are always faithful and do not believe in cheating. You will never have to worry about an Aries wanting anybody else but you; however, they expect the same from you. They would rather you be honest and straight-forward if you’re not feeling the relationship anymore than have you cheat on them. Just don’t test those waters my friends …

6. Aries want the storybook romance – fireworks and all.

Aries love grand gestures. They don’t always need you to buy them the newest Michael Kors watch or a new handbag but they do want you to show that you love them in very special ways. Whether that’s you buying tickets to your boyfriend’s favorite football team’s game or taking your girlfriend for a picnic under the fireworks … put thought into it and make it special and your Aries is sure to be wowed. Remember, you don’t always have to spend a ton of money to make someone feel special – Aries are no different!

7. Aries can be difficult to handle in love… but we’re worth it.

Because Aries are stubborn and tend to be hot-headed, they can be hard to handle. When they love something, they fight for it. They will fight with you and push you away but that’s just because they care so much (just take my word for it). They tend to wear their feelings on their sleeve and are very vocal in expressing how they feel, especially if upset. Be patient with an Aries and know that even when things get hard and they’re hard to handle, they’ll still love you.

8. Aries need honesty and won’t be ignored.

Honesty is by far the biggest necessity in a relationship for an Aries. If you lie to an Aries, it is difficult for them to believe you again. Don’t keep information from them and don’t lie to spare their feelings. Be honest and never ignore them. Even if you don’t want to talk to an Aries in a moment of frustration, it is important that you tell them that you need space and that you aren’t ignoring them. When you ignore an Aries, they will either walk away or they will get defensive because they think it’s because of them personally.

9. Aries need independence and togetherness all at once.

Aries are fiercely independent people. They are okay with doing activities by themselves and they enjoy being in control. They like to be the center of attention; but, Aries also enjoy the company of other people, especially someone they love. Aries want to know that they can be independent but can count on you anytime. Don’t get upset when an Aries chooses to spend a day to themselves, it is healthy for the relationship for them to spend time regrouping themselves.

I’m a little biased but I like to think that Aries are some of the best people you can have in your friend group. We are fun, adventurous, passionate, loving, and will fight for you when no one else will. We may be stubborn and hot-headed but hey … that’s what makes us so firey! If you’re lucky enough to fall in love with an Aries, just know you’re in for a wild ride!

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