A silent Aries is more dangerous than an out spoken Aries.


You must have heard about “calmness of sea before the storm”. It applies very well to our Aries. A silent Aries is more dangerous than an outspoken Aries. So be careful!

Aries are sharp and clever and know well about their moves. They always play smart and plan three moves ahead from you. An Aries should never be underestimated when calm and quiet. There must be going something big inside their head.

Aries can do what you can never even imagine of. They plan , play and move beyond imaginations. A silent Aries is more dangerous than an outspoken one because when they are quiet, there is a storm inside them.

Aries can hide things pretty well. They may never let you know about the tornados in their head and you perceive them as cool and careless people but trust us, it will be your biggest mistake ever if you think an Aries is ignorant or careless person. Deep in them lies the secrets that can’t be revealed without their consent. Aries don’t open up that easily so chances are rare that you will come to know about their real thinking.

An Aries can dodge you pretty well and can turn off your focus from actual target point easily. Never underestimate an Aries. They are smart observers and quick players. You will never get a time to even think about the reply move.

When an Aries is silent, he/she is like calm deep sea ready to roar and ruin every ship on the surface. All they are waiting for is right time. Aries always knows their “perfect move” which can turn down opponent’s table. Never underestimate quiet Aries. They are observing you silently, paying attention to minor details and planning moves perfectly. Only time will tell you that, a calm Arian was such a good player on the board because Aries believe in doing rather than saying. They speak less and do more.

A person may even misjudge an Aries and think them as a dumb person but truth is that Aries will only play like a dumb but in reality they will be far far ahead and before one can even think of, they will be doing and implementing things.