Anything Slow Irritates an Aries Like Crazy, Slow Computers, Slow Phones and Slow People


Aries people are passionate, fierce and energetic by nature. They always love to move forward. Staying stuck in one place is not at all their type.

They love freedom. Flying high is their dream and passion. And the most important thing they want in their life is “no boundaries”.

Matching up with their energy and pace is not an easy task for anyone. You really need to be quick, energetic and fast.

To match up with an Aries person, one should avoid things that annoy them and “be being slow” is something they hate from bottom of their heart.

Aries are not meant for chains. They can’t be slowed down. They constantly exhibit energetic waves and it’s hard to resist the hurricane of their passion and energy.

If you want to be with an Aries, try to bring your level up. Otherwise, they will leave you and move forward. Aries are excellent at untying chains that resist their freedom.

Slow is something that is definitely not in an Arian dictionary. They hate everything slow in their life. They will cut off their internet connection and break their phone literally if they will have slow internet connection.

When we are talking about slow people…consider them out from Aries zone. Aries don’t like to be with people who slow down their pace and energy as well. Instead, they prefer to leave such people and relationships that may cause hurdle in moving forward.

Anything slow will make them angry and anger is their weakness. Aries have a bad temper and we all know that Aries should take boxing lessons to work off their anger. So it’s better to keep those things away from Aries that annoy them.

Aries hate things that have less energy because they fear that it may drag them down below their level. And they can’t tolerate that.

So when you are with an Aries, fasten your seat-belts. You are on a journey to a roller coaster . . . and they are going to drive you crazy with their unlimited energy and passion.