Are Arians Human Robots?


Mankind has been dreaming from ages to take full charge of the brain and make it work 100%. Some say that normally it is 20% of our active brain that has done so many wonders in this world till now. Imagine what will happen if we can utilize 100% of it?

Our brain capacity is beyond our imagination and yes we can say this proudly that Arians are human supersonics. They have a special ability to use their brains more than others.

They are always thinking, their mind is always running at high speed and they just keep on doing it.

Their thinking powers and brain usage ability makes them special and more intelligent than others.

It is difficult for Arians to relax. They love to think and are normally intelligent people.

Though this ability can make them overthink also. But their over thinking can open new doors to wonderlands. So our supersonic Arians are thinkers who can discover many truths and secrets of nature.

Their thinking abilities can literally make them revealers of Mother Nature. Maybe God has sent them as undercover spiritual beings who are appointed especially to unfold secrets.

Due to their high intelligence, Arians usually get more success and plan things better than others.

Their active thinking makes them use common sense more often which is definitely not that much common. This trait makes them “most wanted” in the group.

As Arians love to take steps and dive in different things, their thinking let them make better choices also. If not taken in hurry, their decisions usually come up good.

Their thinking powers make them witty and they act quickly than others.

But we should also keep in mind that this over thinking ability can build up imaginations that may not be real at all and this can end up in imaginary problems that don’t even exist.

So at times, Arians may get more worried or defensive than others.