Aries and Aquarius compatibility


Aquarius are intellectual, straight forward,  independent and energetic people. They have much things in common with Aries. Compatibility wise Aquarius people are best suited with Aries.

Aries man and Aquarius woman compatibility

Aquarius woman is mysteriuos. She falls only for men who stand out of crowd and one needs to be special to be in her top priority list. An Aries man will find an Aquarius woman interesting and sexy. They both can indulge in long conversations and fun chats without getting bored.

Aquarius woman is as free spirit as an Aries man. She has no limits and has everything in her that will lock down Aries man’s heart.

Aquarius woman is very good in sex also. An Aries man will surely fall for her. But sex for Aquarius woman is “yes” only in long term comittments. For short term hook ups Aries man will not get what he wants.

As a whole,  Aries man will find himself comfortable with an Aquarius partner.And they will share great compatibility.

Aries woman and Aquarius man compatibility:

Aquarius men have a dream to achieve something big in the world. They are very smart and intellectual beings. An Aquarius man always has something going in his head. He has dreams and plans and he wants to share it with his partner. An Aries woman on the other hand like strong men. So Aquarius man can surely be a choice. All an Aries woman need is to be his friend first. Which is extremly cool for her as she also wants some time before “real” commitment .Both can know each other well and time will take their relationship to new levels.

Aries and Aquarius can share romantic relationship only if both of them know each other well before romantic indulgence. So they will share friendship and later on partnership which will be solid for both of them.

Their compatibility will be great and relationship will be worth being with each other. They have lot of things,  choices and priorities in common. Our best wishes for this highly compatible couple.