Aries and Cancer Compatibility


Aries and Cancer can a challenging relation but they are both committed to making it work if they adapt to the style of partner. Their understanding develops over time as they spend time together and make a great team. Cancer may see Aries as extremely adventurous and Aries may feel Cancer as too sensitive.

Love and Relationship

Aries aims high and Cancer is just devoted to home and family which can work great if they fulfill the respective roles. Cancer is a moody person which makes him or her unpredictable and a passionate lover. It is difficult for Aries to focus on the emotional activity of this level which is not a big issue but Cancer expects Aries partner to be nurturing and supportive.

Aries are afraid of being in a relationship while Cancer fears breakup. For this couple, a matter of trust is different because they don’t debate about mutual trust.The intentions must be absolutely pure to make relationship successful and they should be gentle while saying each word carefully.

Emotional Signs

Aries and Cancer are deeply emotional but Aries sometimes becomes unemotional but overall, they are passionate, warm, have high expectations. Cancer hides his feelings only when he feels expressing them is stupid. Their approach to emotions is different but they understand the depth and respect the feelings of each other even when Aries becomes impatient because of any reason.


Aries and Cancer have an issue when there is a lack of trust in intimacy because Aries has a different view on sexual relation and Cancer likes to know the straightforward nature of Aries partner. When they express feelings, it is difficult for Aries to understand. Mistrust occurs because of lack of belief in the feelings for one another.

The interests of Aries and Cancer differ a lot, so in any conversation, it’s hard to maintain interest till the end. As a result, staying focused to solve issues they are talking about becomes quite challenging to them. Being cardinal, they both have a good understanding that helps overcome all troubles they are facing.


Aries are often not so gentle in bed in the beginning and they have to learn how to be more expressive when it comes to emotions. Cancer and Aries should remove differences at the beginning of physical relation to make it long-term and stable. It can be made exciting and meaningful if they reconcile in a friendly style.

Cancer is an extremely asexual sign and likes only that sex which has a softness and a meaning in it. They believe that it should not be superficial, bland, rough and meaningless. Its union with Aries can be painful and they need to adapt or change their behavior to make it smooth.


Aries likes sports, physical relation, and activities that are creative and keep energy levels of partners high. Cancer likes dancing, eating and sleeping to enjoy life and has no intention of following the insane pace of Aries. With these differences, they don’t make a perfect match but can make their relation better with some intelligent moves.




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