Aries and Capricorn compatibility


Both goats together finally!  Many commonalities and differences also. These two can be together only if their common things are interesting for each other. But most of the times they will keep safe distance from one another. And staying far from each  other is a better option for both Aries and Capricorn. Their compatibility is totally a game of thrones with less odds in favor.

Aries man and Capricorn woman compatibility

Capricorn lady is strong, quiet and calm in nature. She has a strong personality and knows how to take stand for right things. Aries males on the other hand are passionate and restless. Aries themselves are so strong in nature that it is sometimes hard for them to bear anyone else.

Also Aries men are flirtious in nature. This is definitely not a question mark on their loyalty but it is how they are.  They are the most loyal in serious relationship but flirt is like their way to live life fully.

A devoted and introvert capricorn lady will find it hurting and heart breaking. Aries man will never know at first place that capricorn girl is not liking their habbit of “being too social”. And if they will ever know it by any luck or chance, they will surely get offended by it. They may take it as restriction and being limited is a big no for them.

In most cases Aries man will be responsible for a “heart break” of this shy and innocent goat. And we hate to see tears so we suggest highly that Aries man should stay away from capricorn lady unless he finds it really worthy for both of them to be in a companionship.

Aries woman and Capricorn man compatibility:

We all know that Capricorn people are introvert in nature. They love whole heartedly but are often unable to express it. You need a lot of patience and conscious to understand the value of true love with Capricorn. Aries women are drama queens. These ladies are bold,  sexy and energetic. For Capricorn, it takes a lot of courage to be with an Aries woman. He may not be able to meet that level that an Aries lady want and desire in a partner.

Overall,  this relationship will need a lot to be successful. And together it will be like roller coaster of ups and downs. Two can only stay firm if they really have that “zing” for each other.