Aries and Libra compatibility


Aries are people with wings. They live to fly and there is no compromise on their freedom. Libra on the other hand are people of balance. Having an Aries in their life is like a super pressure on them. They both can’t get along with each other easily and their relationship compatibility can be a massive fail.

Aries man compatibility with Libra woman:

Libra woman is a romantic lady who love to love and who have dreams about relationship. She will even create and live in an imaginary world of romance and will love to date a super romantic man.

As talking about their compatibility with Aries man, Libra girl easily gets deceived with the charm of Aries man. She will take his flirt or attention as special emotions and an Aries man will be unaware of the ongoing things in her head. Aries man may drift apart his ways after knowing her intentions as most of the time Aries men don’t fall for any lady seriously because they like short term hook ups. This can cause a heart break for Libra woman and she might not trust again. Moreover,  Libra girl loves to keep things in balance whereas Aries man are adventure monsters who love to conquer and move on for the new quest. Together , they may not be compatible or even suitable for each other.

Aries woman compatibility with Libra man:

Libra men are entertaining and charming but  they are like fairy Prince who love to be in a story to create a magic and than end it with happily ever after which is truly not a case in real life. Aries women are bold and sexy. Love is something serious for her whereas, libra men are bit confused about love,  true love, love or no love bla bla.  Libra men keep equalizing themselves between different phases and paths of life. Their sheer urge to keep things romantic and balanced at the same time can be ultimate fail as love demands “out of border and horizon” things.  Aries woman can’t tolerate a man who is more self centered rather than praising and motivating her. So this relationship may start as both of them may find “adventure” in each other but soon this journey has to end so both of them can fly away for another “adventure”.