Aries and Sagittarius compatibility


Sagittarius people are free spirits . They are artistic, nature lover, spiritual and funny.  Aries are adventurous and have love for art and artists. This makes both capricorn and Sagittarius compatible and connected in many ways.

Aries woman and Sagittarius man compatibility :

Sagittarius man is dominant in nature. And they are optimistic and open minded as well. Their urge for dominance can make Aries woman uneasy as she finds herself an equal qualifier for this leadership. Aries woman want it all in her  hands and can’t compromise on freedom. Sagittarius men optimistic nature will allow them to give space to Aries woman.

On the other note, Sagittarius are great travellers . Among all zodiacs, Sagittarius people are most ready to travel around the globe. This makes them compatible with Aries who want adventure in their life, most of the time.

If both Aries woman and sagittarius man can settle on things with mutual agreement, they will rock this bond. And their compatibility will be great.

Aries man and Sagittarius woman:

A Sagittarius woman is bold,  talkative , courageous and everything that an Aries man needs in a woman. This girl can be a true match for him. Both Aries man and Sagittarius girl share same interets. They have similar life philosophy as well.  Either both of them will be a great couple or will clash on differences. Having same personality is good but same differences can cause conflicts. So it is important that both partners should focus on positive and matching traits. Giving attention or importance to conflicting side of personality will only create differences. And if conflicting nature matters than both should avoid any relationship.

Overall an Aries and Sagittarius can have a solid bond if they like each other’s postive traits. And have a heart to ignore negativity. Otherwise two can be great mess. Oopss attention needed!