Aries and Virgo Compatibility


The ruling planet of Aries is Mars and Virgo is Mercury. Aries is a fire sign and Virgo is an earth sign. Aries spend life as they wish but Virgo is more disciplined and organized. Virgo is a mutable sign and Aries is cardinal.

The ram loves taking the lead and the virgin analyzes the situation and gets the role that is the most suitable.

Love and Relationship

Apparently, there is not much compatibility between Aries and Virgo because they are entirely different in every way but when in love, they can go surprisingly well. The difference in their nature makes them fascinating to each other as they get closer to time. In the beginning Virgo is quiet, humble and afraid of the passionate Aries, however, Aries likes the mysterious and enigmatic elements in Virgo and Aries can be very persuasive and persistent.
Virgo offers wisdom, sensibility, and stability to Aries and Aries can bring dare, excitement to quiet and calm Virgo because Virgo is not confident enough. Virgo brings out a protectiveness in Aries which softens this brash person. The Virgo adds so much to the relation especially the determination to become caring, to serve and softly guide Aries.

The compatibility of Aries and Virgo is more natural than they think, which they come to know as they develop an understanding of the passage of time. Virgo, being mutable likes following Aries and allow take him charge if it has respect. In reality, Virgo has equality in the relation and Aries depends upon his soothing qualities in harsh times.


When the relation of Aries and Virgo is going fine, there is a genuine friendship between the two where both accept interests of each other. It’s a romantic connection which is not too much expressive, passionate or sexual but loving and tender in a lot of ways. Their friendship works on a practical level where both enjoy achieving a desired standard of life.

The differences hamper friendship to some extent when it is at first stage but later on it can work wonders to the advantage of both Aries and Virgo. It enables them to maintain a deep connection with minimum effort.


Aries want to act quickly and practically do things in everyday life without giving them much thought but Virgo is calm who likes to think deeply about all available options before finalizing a decision. They have to compromise over family financing to make marriage successful and learn a lot from one another. They have a totally different approach to daily life, so they will have to work out to become compatible.


According to experts, Aries is quite messy and Virgo is tidy which can make their relation a terrible experience. Virgo makes food and garnishes it Aries doesn’t give any appreciation. Aries would like trying new things and socializing with new people by moving out but Virgo loves book reading at home during leisure time.

Virgo is annoyed when Aries does things without thinking and getting into trouble that could be avoided through planned decisions. Virgo reminds Aries the consequences of reckless and impulsive moves and Aries thinks Virgo as negative or aggressive. This can cause conflict which can be mild to severe.




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