Aries are probably the most loving and caring out of all the signs, but do them wrong and they will do the same to you ×10


Aries are the most loyal and honest lovers. They love whole heartedly and generously. Aries are probably the most caring of all the signs , but do them wrong and they will do the same to you ×10.

In love, no one is more innocent than this cutie patutie little fluffy Ram.Forget about the raging bull for a while, because when in love, they are head to toe in it. Aries love is the most precious thing that they own. When love is in the air, you can see it in Aries sparkling eyes. They will be honest and loyal companion always.

Falling in love is not an easy thing for an Aries. They are tough people and have a hard shell around them which is not easy to crack. Aries usually don’t get impressed by anyone. They have their own standards of acceptance as well. Moreover, long term relationships are not an Aries thing. They fear commitments because they think it will bind or tie them in certain ways. Aries want freedom and commitments are like chains in their feet .

They want their wings free to fly whenever their is a need but when Aries are in love, they mean it and will respect the commitment for whole their life.

In love Aries are totally different people. Aries will go to any extent to make their loved ones happy. Consider yourself lucky if your companion was born under lucky sign of Aries.

Aries are so dedicated and loyal lovers that they can even die for their love. You may feel enlighten with the lovey dovy blessing they are showering on you but be aware of their other dark side also. Aries hate dishonest and disloyal people. They may not demand love for love but they surely can’t handle betrayl. Once you hurt them, they will tear you in pieces. You do them wrong and they will do the same to you ×10. Aries can’t handle someone ditching them. They feel hurt and their urge for revenge, over shadow any other thought going in their mind. They will never accept false relationships. Breakups are harder for them but Aries are direct people. They only want truth in their life and relations.

So never ever try to be dishonest with them or they will burry you alive for any harm you cause them emotionally or physically .