Aries & Aries Compatibility


The pairing of two Aries, ruled by Mars is challenging because they are always in a competitive mood. Their relationship is quite challenging. They are the reflection of each other and understand partner’s desire for independence because they think the same way.

1. Trust and Faith

Aries have a specific behavior that always displays if they lie because they act defensive and become angry excessively. Two Aries being dishonest will resemble immature kids in a playground fighting for no reason. They share trust as a common goal between them and lack of it can ruin the relation which is the main cause of disagreement between two Aries.

2. Intellect

The presence of Mercury in the sign can make Aries very intelligent but the stubborn nature can make them senseless and stupid. Usually, they have something in mind to prove things to people around but this is good only if the debate is based on logical thinking even in the case of valid point.

3. Advantages

Aries bond has a good side because of the same position of the Sun that signifies awareness. They find it hard to communicate with each other unless their opinions are the same. It can have an adverse impact on the relationship that can be overcome by removing the barriers in communication.

4. Aggression

Ruler Mars is a planet of aggression in its low energy set. Aries may act aggressively when frustrated and tired. They express this feeling verbally, physically, passively or actively to others.

5. Emotions

Because Aries are impatient, they are not too sentimental. As a Fire sign, they are passionate and warm but it is hard to know their softer side because apparently, they are masculine and fighter-like persons. Two Aries are able to share emotions if they speak up openly and in the same language.

6. Love and Relationship

Aries and Aries love compatibility is not so easy because there are high chances of the love-hate situation and it can be a favorable thing. They are both impulsive and independent who love fighting; enjoy chaotic situations and instability in relation. They have difficulty matching the arguments and lack harmony as Mars is a warrior planet.

Aries and Aries are easily attracted because they share the same indomitable nature and they best work if one allows the other to lead. When both are trying to take the charge of life or their relation, tiff and clashes are possible as they will collide often.

7. Intimate Relation

The high aim, self-respect, and robust personality make them comfortable in bed but difficulty can arise because of their selfishness, causing conflict and harsh argument. Sexual compatibility is the most vital part of relation to Aries. One of them considers a lot about the satisfaction of the other.

Mars is the planet which is primarily associated with sex as a cause of human multiplication and species continuation. Two Aries may not physically satisfy each other sometimes because they lack warmth. There can be a lack of sexual interaction and they need to figure out this issue wisely in order to make a relationship successful.

8. Light-Hearted

Aries usually don’t bear grudges in heart and try to forget fights quickly which repairs their relationship and makes it stronger than before. They are straightforward and avoid sugar-coated jargon which is a good habit in keeping relation stable. Their match is exciting, spontaneous, dynamic and passionate.

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