Aries becomes intolerant of others very easily and can be extremely anti-social.


We all know Aries are party animals and love to party hard but sometimes they can become intolerant of others very easily and can be extremely anti-social. It depends on their mood and situation.

Aries are considered to be life line of any party. They know how to rock and roll and make everyone dance on the floor. Aries have all the talents to grab every eye and attetion to them. They are great companions are a worthy company to enjoy with. An Aries will never let you get bored in their company. They know how to put smiles on some one’s face and live life fully.

An Aries adventurous nature takes them to tours and help them in taking bold steps and their creative side helps them to explore new dimensions. They are ever ready to travel, party and get social. But on the other hand, they have full abilities to cut the connections and go to some deep meditation. Aries can be intolerant of others very easily.

Usually an Aries don’t bother much but when someone is really pissing them off, they don’t take time to become anti-social with them. “Lonliness is better than an unwanted company” is their moto and they stick strictly to it. When they don’t like anybody, they change their ways and are never hesitant to show their disapproval about anything. Aries are direct people and they like to play it fair.

If Aries are not comfortable in any situation , they say it openly and leave the frame immediately without taking burden or pressure on them. No one can force an Aries to involve in anything that they don’t like.
Aries prefer to stay away from people and situations that make them feel unhappy or not comfortable in any way. They are great friends and worst anti-social people, all depends on situation and people around them.

Aries are divine souls that compromise in no less than happiness and joy in life. If they find any negative signs they will cut off themselves immediately and can become extremely anti-social.
So if an Aries is hanging out with you freely, consider yourself lucky☺