Aries Birthstones


Diamond Is a Birthstone for Aries

Yes, the very famous, most demanding and sign of wealth stone on earth… and the lucky ones to get benefit from this stone are we rocking Aries.

Although the birthstone for Aries is a diamond but there are few other stones also that work magically for Aries. Their magical, mystic and healing properties make them compatible to Aries. And of course, we have no doubt on their mesmerizing beauty also.

You can check from our article, that which stone matches your personality perfectly and you can simply try it to get benefits from it in terms of relationships, health, and wealth.

You can make these stones part of your jewelry range and attract positive vibes towards you. And you may already have many of these in your treasure collection.

Here is a list of stones that may suit Aries. Anyone born within the range of these dates that fall in the zodiac of Aries can select these birthstones according to their choice. For more selective choices you may go for date and time of birth.

List of Birthstones That Are Compatible With Aries

  1. Diamonds
  2. Amethyst
  3. Anyolite
  4. Apache Tears
  5. Aquamarine
  6. Aventurine
  7. Axinite
  8. Bixbyite
  9. Bloodstone
  10. Citrine
  11. Crocoite
  12. DatoliteDravite
  13. Emerald
  14. Fire Agate
  15. Magnesite
  16. Magnetite
  17. Sardonyx
  18. Stellerite

Detailed Information About the Stones Compatible With Aries

Here is more detailed information about these stones that are compatible to Aries so that you may get a better picture of their benefits and how they can affect you. Choose wisely.

1. Diamonds, the Super Stones

Diamonds are the most high-frequency stones. This stone has high vibrations and stimulate your paranormal abilities.

This stone boost your brain activities and enhance your imagination to develop inner vision more clearly. They are helpful for the third eye also.

Diamond also magnifies the energy of less potent stones so they are recommended to use with stones that are less intense.

2. Amethyst Crystal; the Addiction Breakers

Amethyst crystals are famous for their spiritual properties. They help you in meditation and spiritual healing. Even The name comes from Greek word “Amethustos” that means undrunk. Ancient people used it to break addictions and for spiritual healing. This stone helps you to build intuition and physic strength.

3. Anolyte; the Decisions Makers

Anolyte is a green colored ruby. Green is the color of nature and like all other green stones, anolyte also creates positive effects on the heart chakra.

This stone helps you in building a strong relationship between heart and mind. You can improve your decision making power by wearing this stone.

4. Apache Tears; the Protectors

Apache tears is a ground stone that helps you to connect with the roots of nature. They do not only provide you with physic protection but also work excellently to remove vibrations of other stones from you.

It is considered highly protective stone for spiritual workers as it does not only protects your aura but also absorbs negative energy from it.

5. Aquamarine; Past Relievers

Holding on the past for long may not be that much easy for many people. The magical powers of this stone help you to let go all of the feelings from the past that are no more beneficial to you.

This stone is light and beautiful in color and shape.

This stone can also help you to recover from past emotions and feelings as it builds a connection between thoughts and helps you to powerfully manage your thoughts.

6. Aventurine; Creates Balance

This stone vary in color and may come in blue, green, yellow, peach or red colors. Different colors help you to create a positive balance between male or female energy. This stone enhance your prosperity and high lighten leadership qualities in you.

7. Axinite; the Boosters

These are the earth stones that possess healing properties and help you in letting go thoughts that you don’t want to hold within you. They create a positive effect on adrenal glands, legs, and muscular system.

They improve your memory, sharpen your vision, give you strength and boost your energy levels.

8. Bixbyite; the Healers

It is quite rare and beautiful stone. This stone is compatible with Aries. This stone helps you to recover from illness.

It also helps you in base chakras and gives you more energy.

This stone also improves your self-love and esteem and reduce negative thinking.

9. Bloodstone; the Warner of Danger

Bloodstone is beautiful and mesmerizing. They have beautiful and charming colors in them and usually comes in eye catchy mix of green and red color.

These stones are known as “audible oracles” in ancient civilizations. They are believed to help you in building strong intuition, warn you about possible upcoming dangers and let you go negativity in your life.

10. Citrine Crystal; Attracting Wealth

The beautiful white stone helps you in attracting wealth as well as to bring prosperity in your life. It brings you fortune and luck and helps you to stimulate your creativity and imagination.

11. Crocoite; the Lovers

Crocoite is best for spiritual enlightening and provides you with loads of energy to bring passion in you.

They make an excellent choice for Aries. They also boost passion and positive energy that may relate to your loved ones.

After earth and ground chakras this stone also builds a connection and creates an impact on your heart chakra affecting your love life.

12. Datolite; the Consolers

Datolite comes in different colors and all of the colors are high vibration stones. They help you in memorizing things and to do well in mathematics. They may be clear, white or yellow stones.

It also helps you in building a connection with high spirituality like angels and spirit guides.

They also help in managing depression and anxiety. When you are dealing with grief, this stone is the best choice to wear.

13. Dravite Tourmaline; Natural Cleansers

This stone is blackish in color and acts magically. Dravite tourmaline has natural cleansing powers so you can use it to aid you in letting go dark thoughts and emotions.

This stone brings shadow side of your life in your consciousness and have a calming and relaxing effect on your body.

It is a powerful guiding stone that helps you in self-esteem and self-love.

14. Emerald; Bringing Love

Emeralds are known love stones. They are beautiful and attractive and brings luck to your love life. They give you the strength of character and bring love in your life.

15. Fire Agate; the Protectors

This stone provides calming energy that aids in healing from any physic experience. It may also help you to let go the fear that is created by physic experience.

This stone provides physic barriers and protection and gives you soothing energy.

16. Magnesite; the Third Eye

This stone helps in contacting with your spiritual guide. It creates energy that helps you in giving birth to physic and spiritual abilities.

Putting this stone in place of your third eye during meditation will bring you new experiences. This Aries stone has a strong action and aids in relaxing and calmness.

17. Magnetite; Natural Magnets

Magnetite has natural magnetic properties and with the power of thought, you can direct its energy to eliminate negativity.

This naturally magnetic stone helps you in building intuition and acts as a magnet to attract the things you desire.

18. Sardonyx; the Optimistic Ones

This stone varies in colors. Their energy also depends on their color. They help you in bringing optimism and happiness to your life.

They are pleasure stones that help in dealing with anxiety and stress.

19. Stellerite; Bringing Harmony

This stone has effects and work better on higher chakras.

This stone helps you in aligning your chakras and brings peace and harmony within oneself. It sharpens your mind and using it in meditation helps you to build a connection with angels.