Aries and Capricorn Compatibility


Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn which is a symbol of wisdom and people with this sign have a quiet authority. Aries is ruled by Mars; it is fire sign and Capricorn is an earth sign.

Both are cardinal signs, highly ambitious and workaholic.

The relation of Aries and Capricorn is quite challenging but both are determined to make it smooth if they adapt to the style of each other and improve gradually over time. They have some common interests that are a plus point.

Love & Relationship

Aries is a leader and loves to be in charge because of his or her dominant nature. Capricorn is quiet and intellectual. Aries is a young upstart in a business with all the enthusiasm, ideas and passion but Capricorn is the seasoned chief executive officer.

Capricorn gives solid support to the enthusiasm of Aries and gets fire and warmth back. Aries is flashy, louder and vibrant while Capricorn is quiet, unassuming and mature. Both are determined, passionate and have similar goals.

Aries and Capricorn are stubborn and consider their approach as the best one because their philosophies are too different where Aries prefers using a short cut and Capricorn chooses to follow the rules. Aries is impetuous and passionate about anything without considering whether it’s right or wrong but Capricorn deeply analyzes from all perspectives.

Aries is impetuous and passionate about anything without considering whether it’s right or wrong but Capricorn deeply analyzes from all perspectives.


Aries-Capricorn friendship is strong because they love teamwork to attain their goals. They can be unbeatable. The cool, aloof Capricorn helps to cope with outbursts of Aries by shutting down and walking away when Aries has burnt his tantrum out and the atmosphere is calm.

They trust each other easily and rarely betray which creates an air of friendliness between the two. They value honesty, independence, and clarity; as long as they have realistic expectations, the relation goes smooth. Their relation is not easy as there is competition but they need to be broad minded to give space to the partners.

Learning Experience

Aries can learn steadfastness and perseverance from Capricorn and he can learn taking risks and becoming brave from Aries. They are assertive in a different style and they need to be good listeners as they can teach each other things that they can’t learn on their own. They share similar objectives and desires as lovers, friends or life partners.

Both have unique abilities to blend well as a whole. It’s a relationship based on respect and love. They can remove barriers with strong communication and goodwill.


Maniac, risky and excitable Aries can give a nervous breakdown to stubborn Capricorn. Capricorn’s practical, careful and prudent thinking can be boring to Aries. Their approaches are opposite to each other that can create an air of discomfort, poor communication, lack of friendship and disloyalty.

Saturn has a strong power of perseverance but Mars possesses all the energy to accomplish things. If they don’t consume energies on positive sides, they can fiercely collide and even practice violence by repressing feelings of each other.