10 Reasons Aries are the Most Complicated People to be With


Who’s number one? Aries! That’s who. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries (March 21-April 21) are represented by the powerful image of the Ram and motivated by the majestic Red Planet Mars. Throughout my years, though they may be few, I have worked alongside several Aries’ and they are certainly difficult to keep up with. However, if you can hang on for the ride they are absolutely an asset that could help you accomplish any project, goal, or fantasy you could ever dream up.

Here are 10 reasons why ever should want to work with an Aries, and why:

1. Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac.

Being first usually means that you have a certain amount of power. If you’re the firstborn you have a lot of responsibility but you also get to try everything before your siblings. However, this also means that Aries are a little lost; they have no real plan or guiding system built into their personalities. Though they love to blaze trails and chart for news shores it’s easy for them to get caught up in their desire to be first. Regardless, Aries love to make plans and bustle on forward without giving much thought to how they will get home or even if they will ever return. Their single-mindedness is a strength, which at times can be overridden by their energy that drives them to keep going despite potential warning signs that slowing down could be prudent. This type of boundless energy does serve them well though because if nothing else, energy inspires others to follow and being first, Aries adore leading.

2. Aries are always up to something.

This doesn’t mean that Aries are always up to no good, but you can guarantee that they always have a plan for entertainment. They are the type of people that throw together a tailgate in two hours and have an impromptu concert in their front yard. Aries cannot and will not stay still so if you’re planning on a movie night in with your Aries buddies be prepared for them to talk, reenact scenes, and be the life of the party.

3. They are independent and self-confident.

Orders and Aries are not extremely compatible unless of course, the Aries in question is the one distributing the orders. This sign is self-involved, at times they almost seem to suffer from severe narcissism, but their self-interest is normally harmless. While they may try to fudge the truth a little to help them deviate from the path it’s quite simple to call them out on their lies. However, their hearts are in the right place and their self-centeredness can extend to those that they hold dear. Just don’t try to needlessly order them around.

4. They are insecure.

I know it sounds silly seeing as I’ve just finished telling you how self-centered and independent Aries are, but they definitely suffer from insecurity. These Rams are basically pressured cookers they place so much stress upon themselves that their emotions quickly turn to self-doubt when they do not experience immediate success. So, underneath that self-love exterior, all they really need is someone to love and reassure them.

5. They are survivors.

Rams are rugged animals that live in mountainous conditions sometimes with little or no input from other forces, natural or human. As a result, Aries know how to use their energy to keep themselves afloat in hard times and they’ll buoy others up too. They will keep going; stopping is not an option.

6. They don’t know their own power.

Aries are basically balls of sunshine and energy molded into human form. They dream big and chase down their goals but sometimes forget to appreciate the good they do for others. Their power needs to be harnessed and directed towards projects more often.

7. They have no trouble taking risks.

This is a double-edged sword in terms of a personality trait but an Aries will likely always take you up on a bet. The impulsivity of the sign drives them to leap and then look at where they’re going to land. If you need motivation Aries are the people to seek out.

8. They will say whatever crosses their mind.

A conversation with an Aries has no filter. I mean none at all. If those jeans make you look sexy he or she will tell you but if you look like your grandma it’s a safe bet that you will be told exactly that. Honesty is key to good, open, and loving relationships so while the blunt nature of the sign might intimidate some an Aries will always be honest with you.

9. They are drama queens.

Drama and Aries should be listed as synonyms in the thesaurus. They want to be followed on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. you can bet that they have at least a thousand plus followers and they are always on the hunt to get more.

10. They are not to be trifled with – ever.

If you take advantage of the open nature of an Aries he or she will consider your relationship a burned bridge, there is no going back. They will stand by their friends and colleagues through thick and thin; they will defend their own.