Aries and Depression


Aries are happy go lucky type of person. They love life and know how to live life to the fullest. Aries are trumpets of spring, blooms, and fun when it comes to their perspective of life. They don’t mind new beginnings.

Aries is a fire sign and knows how to keep its flame alive and burning. They have the ability to make new starts that’s why they are less likely to get stressed but there are moments that can weaken our Ram. What can be some of the possible causes?

Their Couch Potato Lifestyle?

Aries need to keep moving. Physical movements are necessary for Aries otherwise they will suffer the most in all the zodiacs. Considering the fact that most of the jobs and work today requires sitting in front of laptops and gadgets, our Aries spend most of their time sitting. Even our leisure time has reduced to couch in front of the tv.

Sitting for a long time causes obesity and weight gain in Aries. Our Ram becomes sloth and both mental and physical health can deteriorate a lot. But luckily our Ram can be brought back to life and if given a chance, they will leave no stone unturned to enjoy life.

Lack of Inspiration

Our Ram needs motivation to keep moving forward in life. They need inspiration to maintain their spark in life. Otherwise, they can turn into someone who is totally unlike them. If not provided with proper channels and motivation, their energy can divert on negative sides. Their fierce side will turn into aggression and later on depression.

Aries have a lot of energy which can be constructive or destructive depending on their situations.Lack of inspiration will give false direction to Aries and they will waste their energy on unwanted quests. If Aries will seek power to decide good for them, they will direct themselves towards positivity.

The Crowded Moment

Aries need moments to act in line. When constantly thrown out of the moments, they feel mad and selfless. Different zodiac behaves differently according to situations like air signs talk everything to death and earth signs analyze everything before making any move.

Water signs are manipulative in behaviors. Aries need to act what suits them. They can live in moment and shine like a star. All they need is to channel themselves and know their potential and worth.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders play an important role in feeding negativity and depression to someone. Eating at intervals or irregular eating can cause too much heat in the body which needs to be exerted and Aries will throw off this energy in the form of tantrums. We all know, Aries are arrogant and gets very angry.

Too much energy will give them the strength to burst out. Aries should avoid eating disorders. As too much energy will explode them in a negative way and having that energy again and again will build emotional trauma for them. Depression eventually leads to isolation and isolation is like death for Aries.

Depression will bring darkness in their life. Free and lively Aries will become chained to his darkness with no hope to move out. Freedom is their lifeline and depression is like killing them piece by piece.

Anger Turned Inward

Depression builds slowly, and anger not shown properly can turn into major depression. Aries are arrogant and show their anger quite often but if anger turns inward it piles up to form volcano of depression, ready to come out anytime soon.

Our Aries are cheerful and lively but if depression targets them, it can turn them into someone dull and fed up from life. Aries are warriors and need to fight this evil penetrating inside them.