Why Aries Don’t Like Cancers


Cancer is water. Aries is fire. You’d think this is one of the most opposite pairing of the zodiac, but when it comes to friendship, Aries and Cancer are surprisingly wonderful for each other.

It’s true there are challenges in this union, due to the obvious differences in their nature. One longs for stability while the other constantly looks for new adventures. One tends to prefer quiet while the other is wild and always on his or her feet.

However, once they understand and accept the other for who they are, their friendship can only get better with time.

Here are five reasons why every Cancer need an Aries best friend (and vice versa):

1. Aries are the best cheerleaders moody Cancers can ask for.

It’s a known fact of the zodiac world that Cancer is the king of mood swings. One minute they are happy, and the next they’re in the most gloomy cloud you’ll ever encounter. Luckily, Aries’ positive energy never goes away.

It is especially of good use when Cancers have all the negative doubtful thoughts about themselves. The reliable support and positive attitude Aries has for Cancers 24/7 can pick the crab sign right up and help keep them away from their extreme moods.

At times, it even inspires Cancers to be more happy and live life to the fullest. Seriously, no one can stay sad for long around such a positive energy ball like Aries — not even Cancer.

2. Aries can get overthinking Cancers out of their own heads.

Cancer tends to overthink and over-analyze literally everything. That’s especially true when the crabs are having their mood swings. Their stubborn minds can make a big deal out of anything, and somehow every life matter seems way more heavy and alarming to Cancers compared to the average person.

Although it’s good to think deeply and thoroughly, sometimes it can really drag Cancers down and hold them back. It’s almost like a bottomless pit Cancers unknowingly dig for themselves.

That’s when the Aries friend is most needed. Aries’ lighthearted, optimistic and devil-may-care ways of seeing things often give Cancers a fresh perspective on their problems. It make them realize life doesn’t always have to be so hard.

As a result, Cancers can switch off their inner worrier and be more carefree with Aries, which can help Cancers improve their mood and make better decisions.

3. Social butterfly Aries helps ease a Cancer into a social situation.

Cancers aren’t always reserved. In fact, they can be quite crazy when they’re surrounded by their close friends. However, when Cancers are at a party full of people they don’t know well, they can be fairly quiet, or even feel uncomfortable and awkward.

Fortunately, Cancers have nothing to worry about when going out with Aries. Cancers can happily take the back seat and play the calm, mature role. Aries work their charm and make sure Cancer is introduced to everyone and included in every conversation.

Cancers no longer feel the obligation to put on their extroverted, social face which can quickly drain their energy, now that they have Aries do that for them. They feel safe and strong with Aries by their side.

4. Aries are the best readily available partners in crime whenever spontaneous Cancers feel like crawling out of their shells.

At first sight, Cancers may come across as quiet and reserved. However, when the crab is around close friends and in a good mood, their spontaneous, wild side comes out and surprises everyone with the most crazy ideas ever.

At times like this, Aries are always there to join any fun, crazy plan Cancers may have and join in with full enthusiasm. With Aries, Cancers feel like everything is possible and are ready to turn all possibilities into reality.

5. Aries and Cancer constantly balance and help each other grow.

Overall, Aries and Cancer might not be as opposite as it seems. They actually complement each other remarkably well on fundamental levels. They help bring out all the sides they want to show but could not be on their own.

They also allow and encourage each other to put their best qualities at work. For example, Cancers can embrace their sensitivity, maturity and deep-thinking even more with Aries, as these crab traits balance the impulsivity, audacity or even superficiality in Aries. Also, Cancer’s insights enlighten and enrich Aries.

When Aries feels out of control, Cancer’s calmness is there to keep Aries’ feet on the ground. Over time, both signs learn from each other and help fill in what the other is still lacking to become a better person. With mutual understanding and respect, this pair is made to stick together for life.