26 Cool Facts About Aries – Interesting and True Facts


Aries is the first zodiac sign and is symbolized by a Ram. Aries personality is unique, classy and versatile. They have their very own set of strengths and weaknesses like all other zodiacs.

Here are some facts about Aries that you will want to know. You may find them interesting or even shocking.

But yes… this is how Aries is

General Personality Facts About Aries

1. Aries Is a Little Shy but Mostly Stubborn

Aries are not at all shy people. They have the power to speak, act and make things happen. Stubbornness is a negative trait of Aries. When it comes to a positive side you may see stubbornness as their determination. But the fact is that Aries never ever give up. They are consistent in anything whether you call it stubbornness or determination

2. Aries May Come Off Bossy

Aries like things to happen in their own way. They even try to make it possible with frequent efforts. In such a case they may come off bossy. Being leader is in their blood and they just can’t stay out of it. They will try to rule wherever they will get a chance.

3. Aries Don’t Like the Weak

We are well aware of the trait that Aries hate to break down in pressure.

Aries are strong people who can face any challenge or difficulty with a lot of courage, strength, and grace.

They expect the same from others. They hate weak personalities. So if you don’t find courage in yourself, consider yourself out from their league.

Even for themselves, Aries work hard to hide any emotion that makes them feel weak.

4. Aries Do Not Like Complicated Things at All (Hyperlink Aries Are Direct People)

Aries doesn’t have the temper for wasting energy on tasks that need an extra effort with no focused results. They are simple people themselves and avoid complexities. Aries love things to be direct and smooth and they deal things with their easy going approach. Aries will take no time to run away from complexities.

5. Aries Don’t Like Clinging, Groveling or Excuses

Aries is direct people and they expect to be treated fairly. They like honest replies and can even accept rejection. But fake and lame excuses turn them off. They don’t like groveling or asking for favors through lame excuses. Big no for all this.

6. While Walking Aries Is Always One or Two Steps Ahead of Everyone Else

Aries are born leaders. They are always one or two steps ahead of everyone even if we notice their simple walk they are the winning horse of the lane.

Aries are fast movers not only physically but also in emotional and psychological terms. You will always find them first in the lane.

7. Once an Aries Is Determined to Do Something, Nothing Can Stop Them

Aries are most determined, passionate and fierce people. Once they decide to do something it is hard to move them away from their stance. They have energy and light within themselves that can direct them towards goal achieving. Aries are doer’s not just boosters. Once they are determined, their willpower, strength, and energy will bring everything down to their feet. It is hard to resist their passion and rage.

8. Aries Have Quick Tempers

We all know Aries are moody people. They go through emotional ups and down more often than others. Aries are not emotionally weak, they are in fact strong enough to handle any emotional pressure. Their emotional trauma pass soon enough leaving them as innocent as they were before. They may become fill in the rage one second before and become calm and peaceful the moment after.

9. Aries Does Have Weaknesses but It Never Stops Them

Aries are no doubt ideal people but not the perfect ones. Of course, every human being has some weakness. Aries also have some weakness but they have such personality that their weaknesses can be ignored easily. They know exactly how to overcome their weak points and still shine as bright as ever. Their weakness is not their hurdles. Instead, they find motivation and drive in their weak points that how they can rule it. And with continuous effort and their positivity, they literally overrule their lackings and make things happen.

10. Aries Will Keep Insult or Any Other Pressure Deep Down Inside Without Showing Any Emotion

An Aries is a strong person. They can handle tough situations tactfully and can still come out of the situation shining brightly. Difficulties can’t turn them down. They will still rise high and shine like ever. And the best part is they will never show it with their gestures that they are dealing with the toughest situation. They will bury all the pressure and emotions deep down in their heart. They will act calm and will show relaxing part of them.

No one can ever judge an Aries by their facial expressions that what is going on in their mind. This trait makes them unpredictable sometimes. They even keep insult in their heart.

Aries are excellent at hiding emotions. They will never let you know what they are up to. So sometimes you may think that you have fooled an Aries but they will be feeding you with a little more rope to hang yourself.

11. Aries Are Talkative

Aries are very friendly people who keep on talking about everything. You will find your conversation interesting with them as they will always come up with the chat of your interest. They are chatterboxes. But when it comes to the advice they will never give it for free. And this is the best part in their chit chat which doesn’t allow their conversation to become boring or irritating. As they never give advice for free they are always welcome in talkative conversations. People enjoy chatting with them.

12. Aries Has the Ability to Find Truth in Any Situation

Aries are deep observers. Even tiny things don’t go unnoticed by them. They have the ability to reach in depth of any situation and come up with the truth.

13. Aries Act Now, Think Later (Hyperlink Anything Slow Irritates Aries Like Crazy)

Yes, this trait is common in all Aries people. They think after the action. They have fast moving personality and their risk taking and challenge accepting nature can make them do anything. Aries can’t resist adventure or challenge and say yes without thinking of consequences. They jump into any situation and sometimes ends up in harming themselves but this is how they are and we can’t do anything about it.

Facts About Aries Women

14. If You Can Win the Heart of Aries Female, Count Yourself Lucky (Hyperlink What Aries Women Want in Men)

These sexy divas are not an easy task. Aries women have high standards and don’t just fall for anyone. You need to be a classy and real stud to get noticed. Only special charismatic personality can find a place near them. Aries women choose wisely and go for the best only. So if luckily you get a chance to win the heart of an Aries woman counts you lucky!!!

15. Aries Females Will Act as Gentle Feminine Creatures but They Can Beat Your Ass Down if Needed

Aries women have a lot of guts. They have qualities beyond your imagination. Aries women are usually teeny weeny cute creatures but don’t underestimate them at all. They can literally beat your ass down. Aries women are powerful and can act according to the situation. A cute harmless doll can turn into a fierce dragon when needed.

Aries women are usually teeny weeny cute creatures but don’t underestimate them at all. They can literally beat your ass down.

Aries women are powerful and can act according to the situation. A cute harmless doll can turn into a fierce dragon when needed.

Aries women are usually teeny weeny cute creatures but don’t underestimate them at all. They can literally beat your ass down.

Aries women are powerful and can act according to the situation. A cute harmless doll can turn into a fierce dragon when needed.

16. Aries Girl Motto, Me First

Aries are misunderstood as selfish and mean people, but the matter is actually simple. They love themselves more than anything else. Aries ladies have high attitude and keep themselves at high priority. And being first is their motto.

We don’t think it is bad to love oneself first. After all, everyone loves him/herself first. Then why to blame Aries only? These ladies simply have the courage to speak and show it.

17. Aries Women Prefer a Classy Mate to Make Them Feel Proud (Hyperlink What Aries Women Want in Men)

Aries women are sexy, seductive and classy themselves. They need their partner to be same. Aries girls don’t compromise on less than “wow”. They prefer a mate who can match them up with their level and class and to whom they can proudly introduce to everyone.

Relationship Facts of Aries

18. Aries Will Find Many Ways to Make You Happy, They Love Seeing You Sport a Smile (Hyperlink Aries Always Go Above and Beyond for the People They Love)

Aries are true companions, partners, friends, and lovers. If you are with an Aries they will try to make you happy with the bottom of their heart. They try their best to keep their partner happy. Aries can go to any limit that can make their partner smile. This trait makes an Aries a true and ideal companion.

Who will not want such a darling with them? And especially when that darling is willing to do anything just to put and see a sweet smile on your face. Surely lucky people to have an Aries in their life.

19. Aries Can Brighten Anyone’s Day

An Aries is always a charming person and everyone wants to be friend zoned with them. The reason is that an Aries has all the qualities a true companion must have. They can put a smile on your face and can brighten up not your day only but also one’s life. So if you ever get a chance to be in a relationship with an Aries, never ever miss the opportunity.

20. Aries Are the Life of the Party

Aries are social animals and party lovers. They love to live life to the fullest. They enjoy gatherings and love to hang out. With an Aries, no one can ever get bored. They always have new plans for entertainment. In parties, they are the center of attraction and life of a gathering. They simply know how to rule the crowd. They will take over the party and will grab all the attention because of their charming and fun loving personality.

21. To Win an Aries Over, Never Give Up

Never ever give up on Aries. Aries love to be loved. They want their partner to fight for them. For love, Aries has no limits. They expect the same from another partner. Show an Aries they have importance in your life and they will prove their worth to you. So it is not a bad deal at all. Both of you fighting for each other.

22. Aries Will Keep Busy When Single, They Don’t Worry About Falling Up in Love or Hooking. They Only Worry About What Needs to Be Done

Aries are chill people. They don’t take anything seriously. They prefer short term hook ups other than making long commitments. But once in love, they are true and honest people.

And when they are single, they are always ready to mingle. They don’t worry about what will happen in future or what comes next. Instead, they are ready to accept whatever is coming in their way and do whatever the situation demands. If they feel like having physical intimacy with you right here, right now, they will go for it. They will keep moving forward, they will dream beyond the horizon and they will fly high in the sky without worrying unnecessarily about anything.

If they feel like having physical intimacy with you right here, right now, they will go for it. They will keep moving forward, they will dream beyond the horizon and they will fly high in the sky without worrying unnecessarily about anything.

23. A Hurt Can Change Aries

Aries are emotionally strong people. They know how to hide any emotion but the hurt will change them a lot. They may become quite suddenly. Or they may act cold or strong. Aries have the quality to deal with any situation and they will deal hurt with a lot of strength and courage.

An Aries may look quiet or careless but deep down in their heart, they have a special room for feelings. After all, they are gentle human beings with a fragile heart like anyone else.

But people misjudge their strength or courage with ignorance and carelessness. We condemn it. Poor Aries.

24. Aries Sex Is Amazing

Aries are the sex gods. They can’t live long without sex and they have every needed expertise in it. Sex with Aries can be a true experience to remember. Their desire for sex makes them deviant sometimes also but they always love to unfold new secrets of this hidden chest of sexy treasures.

You and an Aries between the sheets will experience joy and pleasure that you will never forget. Aries have the ability to take you to the new worlds of intimacy. And mark our words you will remember the moments forever.

25. Aries Cannot Stand Stagnant Relationships

Aries don’t like to stay in a relationship that no longer gives happiness to them. They love to untie chains from such relationships and move away. Aries don’t waste time in holding up fake relationships. They prefer to let it go and move forward.

They need liveliness in their relationship. Cold or stagnant relationships are time waste for them and they think such relationships suck your positive energy so it is better to leave than to keep yourself tied up with a dead relationship.

26. Dating an Aries Is Never Boring

Aries are creative people by nature. They love to bring new and new things in their life. They are always full of ideas and love to implement them. That is why dating an Aries will never bore you. They will always have something new in their box to surprise you. So give them surprise in return and read our article date tips to charm the ram.




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