Aries and Leo Compatibility


Ruling planet of Aries is Mars and Leo is Sun which is both a typical example of energy. They are both fire signs where the Sun represents self and Mars represents a warrior. They are highly compatible and make an impressive pair.

Love and Relationship

When two fires signs come into a relationship, it’s extremely hot and they can both set the world on fire but in a good way. They are passionate and good at self-expression that makes their match exciting, sexy and sizzling but they can go to either extreme emotionally.

When royal and hero clash, there is a struggle to be in power as they have a big ego. Aries likes to be a winner and Leo wants to be a controller which creates an air of competition in the relationship especially at the time of decision making. Their compatibility over the impulsive decision is likely but they regret at some of their decisions.

Leo and Aries have respect because they offer each other something. Aries gives assertiveness to Leo which they deserve, while Leo teaches Aries the value of determination and persistence. They have a warm, genuine relation where both partners enjoy equal status and power sharing many of the same objectives and life goals.


Aries and Leo make good friends but with extreme nature. When they are nice, they are at extreme level but when they are bad with each other, they are worst in the highest degree. There is usually no moderate point. For them, compatibility is one hundred percent or zero because Leo wants to be loved by its partner and seeks his attention.


Aries can be selfish and deceive in the eyes of a Leo in terms of love compatibility which is an unfortunate thing. The bluntness of Aries can hurt the dignity of Leo while its superiority complex can disrupt equality in Aries.

A clash can occur when one partner feels inferior to another because the other one is earning higher and getting better salary package or when one of them has play supportive role to the career of other. They want to be successful on equal level otherwise; their relation can be in danger as they love equality. When the ego of one partner suffers, it will make the relationship imbalanced and unstable.

Fire and fire match can be extremely explosive when the tempers of partners get totally out of control. It can lead to serious results which can have a lifetime impact.


Leo and Aries’s traditional couple have respect for each other in all situations. In modern husband and wife, however, this pairing is more like celebrities where both of them fully understand the career needs and demands. They are well-suited after marriage unless one of them misbehaves and acts as a blocker in the way of partner’s fame and glory.

Aries and Leo are ambitious so they like to be in a bond of marriage where they can achieve material comfort.  They are too much occupied with the pursuit of a goal that they forget to enjoy finer things in life. Leo is totally dedicated to his family and dear ones by giving them priority over other matters.




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