Aries Loves Compliments… 🔥


How The Signs Respond To Compliments…

People react to compliments in their way. Some love to be praised; others do not like to listen to words like irresistible, cute, beautiful, fabulous, smart, or brilliant. You handle compliments according to your unique zodiac sign; find out how your sign responds below!

Aries: they’ll fish for more as their appetite is insatiable!

Aries accepts a good compliment with open arms and even fish for more. They think they are confident, risk-taker and can do a fabulous job that others cannot do. You would see that they could also ask you for high praise and perfect compliment. They are a bit arrogant but excited to accept good compliments.

Taurus: they’re not always so comfortable receiving compliments.

Taurus does not welcome the compliments; they start staring at ground until the praise ceases. They are good at telling their virtues and good deeds; they instead remind people of the value they bring to the table!

Cancer: they’re highly motivated and encouraged by kind words.

Cancerians like the compliment – it makes them feel lovely and sentimental inside, and they get inspiration to return the favor with kind words. Since Cancer personality is family and relationship-oriented, they have a high place for praise from their closest people rather than strangers. Give them compliments; in return, they give gifts and admiration.

Gemini: “thank you but don’t do it again!”.

Gemini people have no full idea about how they feel about praise. Some days they are okay with the concept, but on others, it can feel so fake. They do not like lavish and lyrical compliments with a purpose attached. They can be very strict to the people with a false tongue, so it is better to say nothing!

Leo: “tell me more, tell me more, no please don’t stop!”.

Leo is the perfect personality for compliments. They always welcome the compliments and acknowledge the compliment giver. If you keep giving the lavish words to them, you made a friend for the long term.

Virgo: “yeah I know…. what else is news?”.

Virgo is practical and doubts as to the truth of something. You cannot impress them with flowery words rather than a sold action. They know how to deal with an empty platitude. They identify their worth and possess a proper self-respect.

Libra: “why thanks and right back at you!”.

Libra is fond of making compliments, but when they receive compliments, they laugh lightly and repeatedly in a silly way. To balance their situation, they return the credit to you by saying how beautiful and brilliant you are too.

Scorpio: in search of quality compliments only.

Scorpio does not respond without evaluating the worth of compliment. At first, they decide whether it is sheer poetry or total nonsense then they meet. Scorpio enjoys a good compliment.

Sagittarius: they laugh it off like it aint nothing (even though they love it!).

Sagittarius are beautiful as they respond to compliments with jokes and laughter. They enjoy compliments, but they deal with everything with humour. Buttering is their skill, and they better use it.

Capricorn: “that’s great but what how will it help me?”.

Capricorn does not like fluff, but they enjoy actual and constructive praise. They remain serious about praising when they compliment you will know that they are sober and you have done a great job.

Aquarius: if you’re sincere they will give you a massive hug and thanks.

Aquarius responds late as they check whether you are correct or trying to get something out from them. If they found you truthful, they will hug you and give massive thanks. It will be a bonus to comment on their intellect – they love that type of things!

Pisces: they’ll over analyze every word and wonder if you really mean it.

Pisces think they are genius and try to find negative things from compliments. They examine and forensic your words to find the separate meaning to create a story of their own. You will be asked to tell the real sense of your compliment.