What Is An Aries Man Like?


Aries – the male ram – is the first Zodiac sign. It includes any man who was born between March 21 and April 19. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars. He also belongs to Fire element. Therefore, there is no doubt that he is a prototype of raw masculinity. What Is An Aries Man Like? An Aries man inherits all traits the God of War.

What Characteristic Does An Aries Man Have?


Every Aries man was born with independence in his blood. A male ram never takes orders from anyone else. He enjoys doing thing in his own style. An Aries guy will work very hard to reach his satisfaction. He is tendentious to take offence to comments. Sometimes he can be self-centered that he does not pay attention to the feelings of everybody.


Since Aries is the pioneer of all Zodiac signs, he always wants to be in charge. He likes being the leader in any group, relationship, and even love affair. A compliment is never enough for him. The ram always looks for his reserved reward. Aries guy is also competitive that he never accepts failure. He enjoys the competition to win his wishful objects. The self-confidence of a ram is so intense that he is certain he will be the championship.


The son of Mars is undoubtedly a generous man. He likes helping people as if it is his happiness. He will never be reluctant to supply anyone with advice or consultancy. Aries man pays respect to senior and elderly by helping them or visiting them steadily. He also finds it easy to play with children, which is assured that he might be a good father in the future.


Besides positive traits, Aries man has some negative points in his characteristic. One of his dark sides is the tendency of hiding emotion. The male ram keeps any insult and sorrow deep down inside his heart. When you meet an Aries man, you will always wonder what he thinks. He likes covering up the weak emotion to protect his image. If he feels insecure, he will suddenly be quiet and cold.


Aries is very impulsive. He does not think carefully before speaking or acting. He often says whatever comes up into his head and regrets about it later. People sometimes resent Aries man because of his impulsivity. Nevertheless, Aries man is a trustworthy friend and husband.

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