Why are Aries men so hard to understand?


I need help understanding this Aries guy I’m working with. He said he like me and I like him too. We’ve been talking on the phone for the past three months and recently he told me he doesn’t want a relationship with me, he just want us to be friends without even giving me a good reason why.

I am so hurt. I cried for hours. I really thought we had something going on that is why he use to call me every night although we see each other every day at work. He still calls me. What should I do? as normal? I am so mad. I felt like this guy led me on. Help me understand this fellas.

take this moment to recooperate and pamper yourself distract yourself with contructive positve healty things you didn’t do anything wrong and there is nothing wrong with you sometimes you have to be patient with the guy some men actually like to take it real slow to get to know you or because of a bad past experience just act normal with him no matter how much it hurts and surround yourself around other caring friends

so it won’t hurt so bad because it will pay off in the end some guys hear relationship in boyfriend and it causes aniexty as a friend he can see what type of woman you are then when he’s comfortable he’ll take it to the next level but to you just go from calling to dating he’s not ready for that type of commitment no offense but some guys like to take it slow

show him you accept what he’s willing to give if you don’t understand put your self in his shoes and think of his answer have you ever had a guy in your life you just wanted to take it slow with if you haven’t try something new and if it doesn’t work out you will find someone better but the problem is not you…

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