What Do Aries Men Like in a Woman?


Aries men are not only powerful and strong but also are very wise while choosing a woman for them. Their dream girl is their perfect match( they think so). In some cases they may regret their decision but mostly their instincts are right while choosing their girl. What do Aries men like in a woman? is no mystery.

Aries men can get fascinated by beauty of any woman but it will be short term attraction. In long run they desire beauty with brain.

Aries man will hook up with woman who is available to them but it doesn’t mean that they are hooking up for long term relationship.

Aries man enjoy the chase and as an adventurous person, they don’t settle down easily. What do Aries men like in relationship is a question that needs answers and we have them. Aries men like women who are
difficult to chase.

Aries men like catching woman who are “difficult” to catch. Easy tasks are not adventurous to them and it gives them feeling of satisfaction too soon.

They crave for some new Adventures and the more “difficult to earn” woman becomes their dream woman unless they get what they want. But soon they may want freedom again and try to get away from commitment.

Tip for Women

Never be too available to Aries men and don’t provide yourself for sexual intimacy too soon. There is a proverb that a woman is interesting till she is a mystery and it proves to be true in case of Aries man.

So never give him all your hidden treasures at once. Try to test his patience because Aries men like being tested. Give him some games to play.

Before giving in to Aries man, always be sure that you have chosen the right man for yourself.

Easy to Cope up with Them

Aries men seek women who can keep up with their energy level. They want partner who can understand their level and can uplift herself to their standards.

Aries men like active lifestyle with lot of adventure and fun. They want woman who can actively participate with them in their fast paced life.

On the other hand, a woman should be a mix of traditional and modern life styles.

Not Easy to Guess

Aries get bored by too much obedient ladies. They don’t want to rule their partner like a cruel king. Instead they want to lead and at the same time they want their girl to follow them. If their girl can give them enough things to challenge them, they will keep sticking to that lady.

Witty and Charming

Aries men like women who have equal brains as their beauty. They prefer an intelligent lady over dumb one. Intelligence is sexy to them but it doesn’t mean they are going to compromise on beauty. Aries men have standards that are actually difficult to meet.

Sexy, seductive and fun loving lady is their weakness.

Makes them Proud

Aries men like women that can make them proud. If their lady is professionally successful, it will make them proud. If she is famous or have a charm that can kill many, Aries men will keep her like a trophy. It is not their selfishness or mean nature. They just have sense to appreciate what they have.

Home Makers

Although a professionally successful woman is much appreciated by Aries men but they also want their girl to be a perfect home maker. One who can take good care of children and raise them well, one who can do little house chores for Aries, and one who can keep the perfect balance between the world and her home.

Being a Ram’s dream girl is no easy thing to do. They don’t want equal partner, instead they want a partner who can be above them when it comes to keep relationship solid and connected.

Aries man will enjoy his woman being witty, loyal and energetic enough to be with him.