Aries need more time to sleep because they over work their brains. They are inclined to head aches and eye problems


Aries are not lazy people , they just need more time to sleep because they over work their brains. In fact the most sharp observer and true analyst out of all the zodiac is our Aries. They have a strong sense of observation. They notice each and everything and just act like they don’t.

Aries are intellectual people. They know the power of thinking and keep on working with their brains. Aries use their barin powers to notice everything in a situation. This deep thinking keeps their brain super alert all the time. Even if they are not paying attention, they are collecting information and their brain is saving it in their sub conscious.Hence they are more prone to sleep becuase their brain needs some rest too.

Aries habbit of always calculating and analyzing things in their mind keeps them attentive. They pay attention to each and every detail and never miss out any thing. Their “perfection madness” also makes them over think about things and they keep on thinking about improvements they can have in life. This makes them tired sometimes, that is why they need more time to sleep. If they will not have proper rest, they can suffer from headaches. Staying awake for more time also cause eye problems.

Aries will never let any thing go un noticed . So the only thing to drag their attention and bring them to rest is making things disappear in front of their eyes and it is possible only when they are asleep. Well, we just hope they are not over thinking in their dreams too.

Aries are supersonics with lot of brain power. If used positively , they can make great achievements out of it in their life.

As their brain work fast, they need more sleep and more time to refresh themselves but in some cases they don’t go for proper sleep or rest which makes them vulnerable to headaches and eye problems.