Aries Lover


Your Aries lover isn’t like any other lover you ever had. Of course, if you’re in a relationship, you’ve already figured this one out and are basking in the love fest only Aries can give you.

Aries Lover: What to Expect

If you’ve never dated an Aries, you’re in for a big happy surprise. This is one man who knows how to woo you. There’s only one sign like the ram. If there were a school for men to attend to learn how to flirt and how to give a simple look that will thrill a potential partner, it would be created and run by an Aries.

Get Ready, Set, Flirt!

If it has been a while since you flirted, you better brush up on your eye fluttering skills quickly. The Aries lover delights in the electricity that sparks between him and his object of desire, and the sparks will fly. It isn’t just the way he looks at you, although he knows how to give you the look that will make you melt into your shoes. There’s more in his Prince Charming arsenal than you can imagine.

Sweet Words of Nothing

Aries is the master of charm and flirtation. He’ll whisper little titillating words in your ears that leave you wondering if he’s being serious or if he is just teasing you. Frankly, there’s a little of both, but that’s part of his charm. You won’t know quite how to take him at first, but as long as you jump into the game of fun flirtation, you’ll end up having a great time.

It isn’t just the words that he whispers in that sexy voice; it’s the way Aries says them with a devilish glint in his eyes and the lopsided grin. If ever there were a tease, it’s the Aries lover.

Run Zodiac Sign Run

Hear that? It’s the sound of the horn signaling that the hunt is on. Aries loves a good romantic chase, so give him one. Don’t be too quick to succumb to his advances. Aries wants to believe he’s won a cherished prize when he catches his mate, so make him work for your attention. You have to know how to play this game so you don’t run too far or for too long. Aries loves a challenge, but if he feels as though he’s being fooled, he’ll lose interest and pursue someone else.

Be Open to New Ideas

Aries is a natural leader and loves to try new things, especially when it comes to sex. If you’re timid and not very adventurous, you’ll need to step up to the challenge. If you can’t meet Aries’s expectations, be upfront about it. Aries will respect your honesty. He’ll also work extra hard to make you comfortable and will do his best to reassure you while seducing you. If you can’t match his sexual prowess, you might not be the best match. Aries wants a mate who is just as passionate as he is and enjoys all of the many facets a sexual relationship can offer.

Your Role in the Relationship

The first rule of engagement with an Aries is to be yourself. Never put on airs in an effort to impress your Aries lover, this tactic will backfire on you every time because Aries has an innate ability to size up situations and people. He’s looking for an authentic and genuine relationship with real passion.

Spontaneity Is Key

This highly energized man loves adventure and being spontaneous in and out of the bed. Surprise him with a weekend getaway and you’ll reap all of the rewards he has to give. If you allow life to flow freely and can easily adapt to his need for change, you’ll be happy for many years. This ability to be spontaneous is important in order for your Aries lover to remain interested. A bored Aries won’t ever go through the motions or pretend a relationship is working when it isn’t. He’ll end it swiftly and abruptly, but with great tact and care for your feelings.

Confidence Is Sexy

One of the sexiest traits of an Aries lover is his self-confidence. This is a natural part of his personality and not anything he’s even aware of having. He isn’t arrogant, just self-aware and self-assured. Aries wants his mate to be his match in all areas of life. If you’re a naturally confident person, he’ll be intrigued and enamored with you.

Aries knows how to seduce and to keep a lover once seduced. This attentiveness is genuine. He wants to please his lover and knows exactly what and how to do it. Let him. If you want to rock his world, mirror his attention and he’ll be thrilled forever. Reassure him even though he’s confident; he enjoys being told how special he is, just like any lover does.

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