Aries and Pisces Compatibility


Mars rules Aries and ruling planets for Pisces are Neptune and Jupiter. Mars symbolizes passion, Jupiter shows luck and Neptune is a symbol of illusions. It adds passion to the dream life of Neptune as it helps Aries bring fantasies into reality.

Jupiter lets Pisces guide Aries in refining his overt style of action to accomplish something. Pisces is a water sign and Aries is a fire sign which can make a good combination. Pisces helps Aries relax and be a nice listener, while Aries can teach Pisces to become more realistic and practical in life.

Love & Relationship

When Aries and Pisces are in love, they can be favorable for each other in many ways because Aries is strong and follows his impulses. Pisces is dreamy, internally focused and quiet like a poet. Apparently, the bond appears unlikely but after the involvement of love they can absolutely fulfill the desires of partner.

Pisces is an intuitive lover and Aries should return this favor so that Pisces doesn’t feel Aries as selfish or stingy. Aries tries to act like a protector for his beloved but reality is that the real protector is Pisces who gives a relaxing refuge to tired Aries. Pisces are generous and empathetic and completely devote them to their partners.


When Pisces makes Aries friend, it’s good for both because Aries has a strong will with courage to take risks and Pisces are quiet, calm, living in their dream world. The differences show their friendship is improbable but in fact, they have a balanced relation. Pisces tells Aries to do things gradually, while Aries convinces him to be more active and take chances to fill life with enjoyment.

Pisces and Aries work together despite divergent roles to attain common goals. As friends, they learn a lot from each other. Pisces learns how to be more practical and active to make dreams come true and Aries learns how to be more careful or considerate to take failures lightly.


When romantic, Pisces and Aries become tender and spiritual. Aries finds Pisces intriguing and learns intuition from an unassuming partner. They enjoy spending time together and learn great things from each other.

Individual Roles

Aries is cardinal and Pisces is mutable. Therefore, Pisces don’t like to lead but help the Aries without questioning his dominance. Aries happily take the assistance from Pisces who is harmless to Aries and in return protects Pisces.


Like all relationships, there are some complications in Aries-Pisces bond too because Pisces argues on small matters which can be intolerable to aggressive Aries, leading to a conflict. The anger in both can make them sarcastic to each other. They should control temper to make relation smooth.

Aries outgoing nature can disturb reserved Pisces who loves to stay in his shell. Aries criticize a lot and are bold while Pisces need guidance in their important matters and are unable to accept criticism because being sensitive; they get hurt with harsh words. Developing an understanding and adapting to each other’s behavior is the key to a stable life.




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