How ARIES responds to “I LOVE YOU”… 🔥


The signs of the zodiac can respond to affection in some pretty funny ways. Aries Responds Love


Aries Responds Love Some have the ego of a mountain and almost expect to be told that they are loved by everyone around them whilst others are so shocked and in disbelief that they have to make sure they even heard the person correctly. Aries Responds Love Today we’ll take a look at exactly how each of the zodiac signs responds to being told “I love you!”.

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Aries… “well I love you MORE!”


No sacrifice is too big for an Aries in love and when told their loved the return the favor big time. Aries Responds Love

Taurus… “…are you serious right now?”


Aries Responds Love Not many people are able to get to the true heart of a Taurus so often they are quick to dismiss signs of affections unless they are completely sure that it’s what they want.

Gemini… “and I love… cake.”


Gemini tends to avoid talking about deeper feelings and will often change the subject to something else. Like cake. Aries Responds Love

Cancer… “but are you SURE?”


Aries Responds Love The Cancer is cautious with their heart and questions the person fiercely to make sure they aren’t just playing games.

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Leo… “well honestly – why wouldn’t you?”


Totally into themselves Leos basically expect you to love them anyway.

Virgo… “thanks.”


Virgos might not be the most talkative of the signs… but they are appreciative.

Libra… “er I have to go do a thing.”


Libra can sometimes shy away from deep commitment and anything that will make their life more complicated unless they really think it’s worth it. Aries Responds Love

Scorpios… “mmhmmmm.”


Aries Responds Love When the Scorpio is in love it’s a never ending love however it takes time to get to know a Scorpio and they are hesitant to say “I love you” too quickly.

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Sagittarius… “nooooo…. I love YOU!”


When in love the Sagittarius love HARD and showers their partner in their affection.

Capricorn… “I know, I know.”


The Capricorn is flattered but deep down they already knew it long ago.

Aries Responds Love

Aquarius… “what even is ‘love’?”


Forever the philosopher the Aquarius questions the whole concept to even begin with.

Pisces… “huh… say whaa?” (are you sure?)

Pisces hate being rejected and their first instinct is to make sure that they even heard the person correctly before rushing into any signs of great affection. Aries Responds Love

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