Aries Romance


Aries Love Personality:

Vitality is the second name of this proverbial infant of the Zodiac. Aries knows how to celebrate life with his candour, infectious exuberance, optimism and love for adventure.

Probably that is why despite being the self-centred, self-absorbed, impulsive babe, Aries is lovable, and manages to win admirers with a surprising ease. Both magnetic and awe-inspiring in his overwhelming innocence and trust in the inherent goodness of the world, the neonate in Ram doesn’t know the world till he experiences it first hand. And, that is why many of his interactions with the real-world jolt him.

Misplaced trust may make him suspicious, harsh and extremely egocentric. Know yourself or your Aries loved one even better with a FREE Sun Sign Profile. Or, find more about your love compatibility with a Free Aries Love Horoscope Reading or match horoscope.. 

Love for the Aries is:

A necessity that has to be fulfilled, come what may! The neonate feels it is his birth-right, and doesn’t hesitate in demanding love. An Aries will not hesitate in going to the least probable places looking for love, especially if it catches his fancy.

An Aries wilts in absence of love; love is like a magic potion, a supplement to him. On his first (or an unexpected) encounter with avoidance or abandonment, the baby is left stunned and scared, and probably scarred for life. Feeling stung in love already?

Ask a Love Question here! Aries seeks constant attention when in a relationship; neglect can seriously put him/ her off. Paradoxically, the Ram often takes rejection in love as a challenge, and doesn’t shy away from pursuing his object of affection till he succeeds in his mission. Read more on: Aries Compatibility

When Aries in Love:

Aries is very loving and mindful of his partner’s needs and demands. He is the happiest to pamper his beloved with extravagant gestures, as it gives him a sense of accomplishment. In turn, he himself demands and craves attention, devotion and passion.

However, the very need to reciprocate in these very terms may make him feel lost, as he may genuinely fail to realise that he ought to ‘give back’ in equal measure. The babe in Aries secretly requires a lot of babying, and yearns that all his desires be fulfilled at the first instance.

Aries needs constant reassurances in love (though, he usually is too egoistic and smug to accept it!), and in their absence, he may get very angry or scared. Although an Aries may come across as domineering at first, yet the last thing he desires is a submissive partner.

A happy and satiated in love Aries can be extremely generous, cheerful and adventurous. A neglected in love Aries shall shout, cry and throw tantrums.

While, an Aries who is unhappy in love may develop a tendency to get bored with people too soon; become a philanderer, or at the very least, disloyal to the current partner.