5 Traits for Which Aries Are Labelled as Selfish and Mean


Many people say that Aries are the meanest and selfish people on earth. But we condemn it…
Saying someone selfish without being their buddy is mean itself… isn’t it?

Well, selfish is a wide term and people usually take it for their own benefit. They use it when they need to prove themselves right and when they want to portray that the other person is wrong.

Being selfish is more individual than zodiac.

Aries can sound selfish and mean but that literally doesn’t mean that they are selfish with all the evilness around. Unfortunately, Aries are also considered egoistic and self-centered.

But we are here to defend the Aries and prove that we Aries are not that mush selfish as we are considered.

These traits may sound selfish when you talk about Aries but there is also another side that you should see.

Decide yourself!!!

1. Aries Are Not Selfish They Just Have Independent Nature

Aries love to do things on their own. They just don’t let others do everything for them. This trait may sound selfish at times. But definitely not relying on someone else and doing things on your own is not “being selfish”. It is just “being you”.

2. They Have Strong Decision-Making Power and Have the Ability to Stand for Their Stance

Aries just don’t flow with the current. Aries have the ability to choose what is right for them. They take decision what they think is right. They don’t follow the crowd even if they have to stand alone. No matter what? They are always firm on their decisions and this trait makes them a strong person.

We think you should regard this trait rather than being entitling us as “selfish”.

3. Boredom Itself Is Boring for Them

Aries get bored easily. They are creative and innovative. Aries always love to try new things. They don’t stick with things for a long time. So if they are bored and want to switch, we don’t think that they should be called selfish and mean.

4. They Love to Try New Things

Aries are always curious about something new. They love trying new things to kill their boredom and to satisfy their curious nature. We don’t think that leaving old things and adopting new ones is “being selfish.”

5. They Love to Move Forward

Aries usually don’t fall for the past. They prefer to rise high and move forward to the future. Future is a major concern for them and believes us past means nothing to them. Even past relationships… does moving forward and looking for new horizons means “being selfish”




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