Aries and Taurus Compatibility


Aries is ruled by Mars which represents passion and Taurus is ruled by Venus that shows love. Aries is a Fire sign and Taurus is Earth sign, while Aries is cardinal and Taurus is fixed. Both signs want to take the charge of their life and they should compromise to form a strong partnership.

Aries Taurus Compatibility

The traits and thinking of both the signs are directly influenced by environment, genetics, lifestyle, upbringing, culture and religious beliefs. As maturity grows with time, the personality develops and improves too.

Love and Relationship

When Taurus and Aries are in love, their bond is natural as Aries represents passion but this relation is balanced. Aries want to get into the relation speedily but Taurus prefers slow and steady moves that can create issues. Taurus loves to be romanced but Aries has nothing to do with this feeling as it is straightforward and brash.

Aries-Taurus match can be a great way to learn for both of them because Aries can learn to control stupid impractical impulsive and Taurus can become more adventurous and spontaneous. Aries likes sensual, patient and gentle qualities in Taurus and feels Taurus as a stable and loyal partner. Taurus adds romance and security to their relationship while Aries fills it with excitement and charm.


Aries and Taurus have good sexual compatibility because they share same goals of intimacy as simple instinct guides Aries. Taurus prefers satisfaction and they are not interested in the intensity of sexual pleasure and want to enjoy the entire experience in a sophisticated way. Aries has to be involved emotionally and act gently by putting some effort in the intercourse to satisfy Taurus partner.

Intellectual Harmony

Aries and Taurus are stubborn but in a different way that can create a communication barrier as Aries firmly sticks to his or her convictions. They both have fierce arguments to prove the other person wrong and validate their point. Aries is sensitive and the intellect has never been an issue for them because it’s a matter of love as they have strong feelings for one another.


Aries and Taurus differ greatly in their thinking pattern and personality which makes their friendship not so smooth. Aries symbolizes masculinity and Taurus femininity which can cause conflict. But when they strike a balance wisely, they can be good friends despite all the disparities in their mind, behavior, lifestyle and taste.


Taurus is practical minded who lacks fantasies and senseless day dreaming but Aries wants to be dominant in love and romance. If they both adjust to the differences of each other, the marriage can be successful as they will be able to have a cozy and rare comfort together. With time, their understanding develops and they get closer to each other mentally as well as physically.

Taurus is patient but Aries is impulsive and they both have some common qualities like deep loyalty and possessiveness. They need strong communication to make their relation stable and long-term. As husband and wife, their behavior compliments each other quite well but it is not a perfect match in Zodiac sign as they think differently.

Last Words

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