The Archetype Of Aries The Ram


“Aries teaches us the meaning of individuation. It’s active, high spirited and energetic. It loves excitement, adventure, play and competition. As a sacred warrior, it will fight to defend my beliefs and protect what it values in life. It likes to go first, birth the new, get something started, and lead the way. It is courageous, trusting, decisive, inspired and spontaneous. It is the fire point cross at Spring Equinox. ”

The Sun is generally in Aries March 21st – April 19th.

Glyph (Symbol): The Ram

Element: Cardinal Fire

Planet: Mars

Keywords: Initiator, Leadership, Me First, Aggressive, Competition

Aries is the first archetype; it’s very decisive, likes to go first and likes to win.

The word “Aries” is Latin for ram.

Aries is Cardinal Fire; it starts the fire (action), so it takes the swift initiative in comparison to the other two fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius). Fire archetypes in general are great at getting things started but can work itself into burnout if not careful. Aries will let you know where you stand at all times, it speak its mind. Ruled by Mars, Aries struggles with how to balance it’s natural instinct for war.

Aries is the warrior of the Zodiac; military, police, firefighters, they’re attracted to adrenaline activities like extreme sports, dangerous activities and they’re natural born leaders. Aries are usually great athletes as it’s a competitive archetype; they are risk takers and can be “all about me”. Aries can have a tendency to black and white thinking and if you disagree, it can take a defensive posture.

Gemstones For Aries:

Fire Agate: Stone of decisive action, passion, creativity, sexuality and life purpose. Carnelian: Stone of courage, stamina and second Chakra health. Carnelian is a cardinal fire sign stone – this is your stone if you want to get shit done! Bloodstone: Stone of balancing, revitalizing and physical healing. Red Sardonyx: Stone of Mental Discipline, Focus, Happiness, Optimism & Confidence

What To Focus On In Life And Business:

When the Sun or Moon is in Aries focus on taking action, accomplishing tasks, stoking the flames of your desires and goals, connecting with your Inner Warrior, and moving your sacred body temple. Call on the archetype of Aries when you need a boost in your energy to take charge of a situation, the kick in the ass to get started on a task or to have the courage to start something you’ve been too fearful to step into – Aries will be happy to oblige!

Fascinating Right?

I hope this article served you in understanding more about Aries, gave you insight into the people in your life who are Aries and how to utilize the Aries Archetype to magically create an abundant life (and business) you love.

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