Aries will play dumb like they don’t know anything while making moves to be three steps ahead of you.


Aries are clever and fast moving pacers. You may think they are dumb but in actual Aries will only play dumb like they don’t know anything while making moves to be three steps ahead of you.

Aries have sharp mind and a strong sense of observation. You may take them as careless or ignorant but truth is that they are always paying attention and have keen observation .

Aries may look de-attached with the situation but they are always pretty well engaged. Never underestimate an Aries judgement! They always give one when they have covered all the aspects of observation.

Aries are clever and well aware people. They know their rights and wrongs and do and don’ts. An aries will never ever do a silly thing by mistake. They even know well about the consequences of their choices.
Aries are good actors and can pretend about how they are feeling. It is hard to judge an Aries that what is going on inside them . You will never know as they hide it with their excellency in keeping secrets.

An aries is a very good player when it comes to a competition. They always plan three steps ahead. They know how to dodge their opponent with emotional play. They may act innocent or even dumb as if they don’t know anything , but in actual it will only be a trick to trap the opponent. They will take out all the secrets from opponent’s heart and will play accordingly.

You can never tell what is an Aries next move. They plan perfectly with accurate moves to play. Aries will make their opponents bow at their knees. Their sharp observation and accordingly smart moves never let them down!

Aries are warriors and know how to win a battle. So never mess with them or they will always be three steps ahead of you..