Aries have two sides, Asshole and professional


Aries have two sides, Asshole and professional

Well , when talking about Rams, always keep in mind that they are not easy to manuplate. Aries are direct people. Either they are assholes or completely professional.They have two sides and both are quiet to the point.

Aries are extreme people. Boundaries are not meant or made for them. Their limits are beyond horizons. This nature makes them extremist in both positive and negative ways. Aries will behave either totally sane or totally irrational. There is no in between for them.

Aries are passionate in love and worst in their angers. When in love, they will shower every inch of loyality on their partners and will go to any extent to make them happy. And when in anger, Aries have sharp tongue that can piss off other person. In anger, Aries can be too aggressive.

Aries are not a “permanent” personality. They act totally jerk sometimes, by which we mean in their bad times and can be professional on other sides.

While dealing with their professional matters, Aries can mess up things exactly like they do in their love life. They can make things messy and can get themselves in trouble. And unfortunately , there is not always someone who can understand them, as professionally things are different.

Aries need to channelize their behaviour and control their anger.

They don’t have serious “personality issues” but with little effort they can make things hundred times better for them. Their biggest mistake is not “using” their own strength to create the perfection they want. Aries have everything in themselves. They just need to explore themself a little. A little self control and added “self love” can make them achieve new heights, both professionally and in routine life.
Aries have two sides, ass hole or professional but the choice that which side will dominate is all theirs. A raging bull destroying everything or a satisfied Ram, its all up to them.

And we have confidence in them that they will choose the right one.