How do I cheer up a sad Aries man?


All Aries–male or female–aren’t alike, Lee Ann. Your question, however, makes me wonder whether he was born around the 6th of April. If so, then whatever happened probably took place very suddenly and tended to broadside him.

But I just got done telling you that all Aries aren’t alike, and I am sticking to that. You can have two people born on the same day 50 years apart, and their lives won’t be the same, nor will the events in their lives be the same. Every part of the astrological chart comes into play when we’re considering events that have taken place.

Since the cosmos doesn’t return to the precise place where it was at the time and place anyone was born for roughly another 25828 years according to NASA’s best guesstimate, you’re asking for crystal balls to be read without my knowing more. šŸ™‚ I don’t even have a general age range for him so I had a fighting chance at helping.

In one of my first articles for Dell Horoscope several years ago, I suggested Aries likes to tease tigers at the zoo for fun. Rest assured, that’s said tongue-in-cheek. Without knowing more, the best I can say is be supportive of him, let him know you genuinely care about what’s happened that has him so down and ask him if he’d like to talk about it.

I hope that helps.

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