Experiences With An Aries Male


I’m a female Taurus and I’ll be honest, every new friend, male or female, I seem to make over the years is . . . you guessed it, an Aries.

It’s a funny thing and many say that Aries, in particular, seem to be inexplicably drawn to Taurus folks. Anyone who is versed in mythology knows that Ares (Aries), the God of War, and the Goddess Aphrodite, a.k.a the Goddess Venus (planetary ruler of Taurus), bore a child together – Cupid. Being familiar with the Aries personality, many times I can’t help but think it’s because they underestimate the Taurus personality and tend to think Taurus is someone who will put up with them – and their giant egos, both male and female.

Anyone who truly knows the Aries personality realizes that I didn’t just insult them there. Many an Aries will readily admit that it’s all about them and this is especially true for the Aries male.

A previous post about experiences with a Taurus male has generated so much interest and discussion that I thought it’d be fun to explore the world of the Aries. But first, I’d like to note that I’m going to tread into some murky waters here and before all you Aries that are in denial begin to bash me for it, let me just say that I know plenty of wonderful Aries, men and women both. So as you continue to read this, please keep that in mind.

The Aries Male

The Aries male is a “mans man” for sure. A macho type that perceives himself as a knight in shining armor. If you ever hear a damsel in distress wailing for assistance, you can be sure that the men charging towards her are going to mainly consist of the Aries breed. And why is this you ask? My opinion is that it’s because of their inflated sense of self. In their mind, if they rescue that damsel, she’ll be so thankful for him having done so, she’ll place him on that pedestal that he feels he so deserves.

You see, Aries men love nothing more than to be the center of someone’s universe. Err, let me correct that. The Aries man loves nothing more than to be the center of – the entire universe. And for those of you close to an Aries male, I’m sure you can agree with that statement and your Aries man, most likely, will too. Aries men carry quite the sense of entitlement and many will readily admit to “deserving” things. Especially anything that they feel they’ve worked hard for.

And work hard they do. The Aries male is no slouch. They like to enjoy the finer things in life and they aren’t afraid to work for them. As a result of this tenacity and determination, the Aries man is generally a successful man – and they aren’t shy about that. They love to hear themselves talk – about themselves and their successes.

You know the old Charlie Brown cartoons? Remember how it would sound when the teacher would speak? “Wah, wah, wah.” That’s what the Aries male generally hears when others are speaking – nothing but background noise. But when it comes his turn to steal the floor, and steal the floor they will, the spotlight comes on.

If dating an Aries man, on his good days, you’ll encounter quite the gentlemen. He prides himself on this but watch out ladies! Aries men are quite the charmers. He’ll be happy to have you by his side, he may lather you up with plenty of wonderful compliments and he’ll always pick up the tab. After all, he’s “the man.” The Aries male will watch out for you, he’ll defend your honor, and he’ll open doors for you. But there’s a price to pay for all of this – and that is that you will be his and only his.

Aries men can go so far with this entitlement behavior that you may find yourself unable to have a friendly conversation with any other male on the planet – ever. Psychopathic behavior and furious rage may ensue and when it does, don’t make the mistake of confusing this with jealousy.

It’s about the competition and beating rivals, it has nothing to do with you. And beware, many an Aries man loves to compete with his best bud for a gal, especially if his best bud really likes her. When this happens, once again, it’s not about the gal, it’s about the competition. It’s simply to prove who the better man is and many Aries men can be downright man-whores.

And ladies, when the Aries male rings your phone, you’d better answer and you’d better make yourself available to him. You could be meeting with the Pope and it wouldn’t matter – your Aries man had better come first. These guys need lots of attention, from you and from the rest of the world. You see, he’s the superstar in his universe and you’d better be his biggest fan at all times, or someone else will move into your worshipping position and right quick.

And my last point leads me into those murky waters I referenced earlier. What’s worse than an Aries not receiving the attention that they feel so deserving of? Absolutely nothing!

Being the first sign of the zodiac, you can liken the Aries personality to the babies of the zodiac. Watching an irritated Aries man act out is like watching a two year old throw a temper tantrum. It’s like that old saying, “The bigger the man, the harder the fall.” This is particularly true for the Aries male.

Aries Male Game Playing and Story Telling

Which leads me to my next point concerning the Aries personality in general, male and female alike – game playing. Just as children love to play games, so does the Aries persona.

As a matter of fact, it’s admittedly one of their favorite ways to pass the time. It’s almost as if the world exists simply for their entertainment and everyone in it is a character that can be easily manipulated by them for their own enjoyment.

Many times, without giving any thought to the fact that these people they’re toying with are human beings, with real feelings. They don’t mean to be mean, it’s just that they’re so caught up in their own world all the time, they don’t ever seem to take much time to consider others.

All the Aries head games we’re about to delve into won’t come as a shock if you understand astrology. You see, their body rulership is that of the head. Eyes, ears, mouth, brain. So it comes as no real shock that head games are so intriquing to them. And one interesting observation is that many an Aries male keeps his hairdo top o’ the list. Many sport the “jar head” look – a crew cut or very finely tuned crisp cut, a military look of sorts. I’d venture to guess that Aries men visit the barber twice as often as the average man.

I have a great example of their zany game playing that’s just for kicks. I met this one particular Aries male about 5 years ago during a business encounter. He was from the neighborhood so I was somewhat already aware of his background. I already knew what he did for a living and, as is typical of Aries men, he had a great job and a successful career. You’d think that’d be enough to tout about, right? Wrong. This chap happens by my house one day and we get to talking on the front porch.

Nothing heavy, just friendly small talk. And out of nowhere, he says to me, “I used to be a DEA agent down in Chile.” (Really? That’s funny because I already know that you were a trouble shooter for a big company nearby.) Before I can get one word out, he’s elaborating on this fib and watching my reaction closely. Me, being a Taurus, I chose not to call him on his ridiculousness that particular day. I just let him dig himself deeper as this story of his became more elaborate and dramatized by the minute.

But before I go on, let me back up here a minute. I actually hired this fella to do some work on my home. (Hmm, an undercover DEA agent that moonlights as a contractor – interesting, LOL.) Anywho, the day he showed up to do the job, it was about 58 or 59 degrees out, a breezy Spring day. I saw him go up on the roof, fully clothed, and about an hour later, he was knocking at my door, clipboard and invoice in hand – shirtless.

Yes folks, shirtless and half naked on a 58 degree day – in the clients living room. He’s standing there with a big grin on his face and when he sees me approaching, he lets himself in, in typical Aries fashion, before I even make it to the door. And I swear, when he stepped inside the house it was like the Flight of the Valkyries was blaring in his head. “Da, da, da, da, DAH – da, da, da, da, DAH.” It was like he saw himself as the lead character in his own movie about to perform his Oscar winning performance.

Needless to say, we were never involved other than business and my friends and I now affectionately refer to him as “the naked contractor.” Ok, now back to the DEA story. At a later date, he ended up boppin on by again – another infamous Aries male trait – coming over when they’re not invited or expected (to spy on you).

Only this time, I decided to confront him in typical Taurus fashion about the DEA bit. I said, “Tell me again what you do for a living?” (Aries translation: Talk about yourself more.) His response? A big smirk began to display across his face, he looked down at the ground like a little boy kicking stones (awe shucks), and said, “I was a trouble shooter.” And he just about cracked himself up over the whole thing.

You see, it was all for kicks, a game, and he was gunning for a big reaction to stroke that giant ego of his. “Oh wow! Really?! You were a big, bad DEA agent in another country (which doesn’t even make sense in and of itself) – oh boy!! You must be the worlds most interesting man alive!” That’s what he was shooting for anyway. That isn’t the reaction he got from a Taurus, however. We rarely ever play our cards on the first few rounds.

The Aries Male Dark Side

That particular story is one that relates to playful Aries games. However, they do have a darker side, as do we all, and believe you me, they love nothing more than a good skirmish with someone. A girlfriend of mine that was involved with an Aries for more than 40 years claims that a heated debate can be much like foreplay to them. Like one of those scenes in the old fashioned black and white movies where the woman’s telling this guy what she really thinks of him, she’s really letting him have it – and then he suddenly and unexpectedly grabs her and lays a long, passionate kiss on her.

That’s the stuff of Aries mens dreams. If you want to see an Aries man come alive, start a heated debate. But a hurt Aries male and the games that will ensue afterwards are something of an entirely different nature indeed. Ladies, beware. These guys can be downright cruel, especially during a breakup.

The Aries male motto concerning love and relationships just has to be, “All is fair in love and war.” And to the Aries male, love IS war. I’ve seen many an Aries man, within days of a breakup, strut another woman in the previous womans face – and with great delight, like they just won the World Cup. I’ve seen them come up with ways to make the previous woman jealous that you wouldn’t believe, gunning for that big reaction. You know, the kind where the woman just looses her mind and goes all crazy ape on the guy.

An Aries man won’t be put off by that behavior, he’ll be thoroughy entertained by it and he’ll be sharing that story with his buds. “You shoulda seen her, she went nuts. It was great! I wish you could’ve seen it!” Yes ladies, these guys will “stoop.” They’ll play dirty and throw all the rules of etiquette right out the window – and into your face. Speaking of games, other favorite dating past times of the Aries male include doing silly things like sending a slew of texts and then – poof, disappearing for hours once they get you to respond.

They also get a big kick out of making plans and then cancelling at the last minute. Much of this is to test your emotional strength. Will you go ballistic? If you do, they got your number – let the games begin! If you don’t, you’re a challenge. Again, let the games begin!

Maybe some of the above has happened to you and, dare I say, you seek revenge on an Aries. If so, play it careful, ladies. Once you engage these fellas, it’s on.

Aries Male In A Nutshell

Are you getting what I’m throwing down yet? See the theme developing here? Games, challenges, conquering and warrior like behavior tinged with worship. It’s even better when it all ends with a “rescue” of sorts.

The Aries male is a true gladiator and when you think things may be going badly, chances are – he’s having the time of his life. This one loves a good bit of drama. Which I believe is the reason you see so many Aries/Gemini pairings. We all know the Gemini personality tends to be a split personality of sorts. The continued drama, worry, nervousness and indecisiveness of the Gemini persona seems to keep the Aries interested and continually challenged over the long haul. Drama, drama, drama and a pure love of the thrill of the chase. So much so, that once they catch you – all too often, they then quickly disappear.

Why behave like this, you ask? It’s about the challenge. If that disappears and they’ve figured you out, as much as I hate to say it, you become boring to them. If you’re gunning for an Aries male, my advice to you if you’d like to snag him would be to run in the other direction. Just run, run and then keep running from him. He’ll chase you like there’s no tomorrow and he’ll love every minute of it.

What woman is the woman that usually captures the Aries man’s heart? This is funny, but most times, a woman that’s been with an Aries man for a while will tell you, “When I first met him, I didn’t like him.” And he knew it – and that’s when the chase began, he stumbled – and then fell in love. These chaps are funny, the more you dislike them, the more they like you and the harder they set out to change your mind.

And don’t let the macho masculinity of this sign throw you – they love a woman that speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to put them in their place every once in a while. You may think you’re going to upset them by speaking frankly, but the fact is, they’ll be thoroughly entertained by your tenacity and find you even more intriquing.

All that being said, generally, you can always count on the Aries male, regardless of your history together, friendship or otherwise. And once all the game playing and worshipping comes to an end, 90% of the time, you can look back on it together and have a laugh. When you’ve reached that point, feel free to poke fun at the Aries male for all his zany behavior and crazy story telling – I do it all the time with my Aries friends, male and female alike, and they can, indeed, laugh at themselves.

And then eventually will come the day they actually admit to “the game” – and they’ll be quite sad it’s all over.

Source : www.aphroditeastrology.com