How do Aries and Capricorn Get Along?


Ram and goat are two sides of same coin.  But to get one you have to flip other. Capricorn and Aries can get along very well but at some points their horns can tear each other apart.

Can Aries and capricorn get along in love?

Lets see if Aries and Capricorn can get along in love considering their personality and perspective of life

Way of seeing Relationship

Aries are freedom loving. They don’t want any chain tied. That is why they don’t like to fall for long term relationships. Capricorn on the other hand are very home oriented. This can make Ram offended. They make think their freedom is being compromised. And nothing is important to them when it comes to freedom. Aries may leave the goat behind and follow the path to horizons. 


Both Aries and Capricorn are very practical in their life. Together as a couple,  this thing can make them successful in their life especially on financial grounds. They both see things with focused eye and set goals realistically.


Capricorn are ambitious and our Aries is passionate. This bond can bring a spark in their relationship and they both will enjoy the life together.


Aries are very messy.  Yes!  You can literally get lost in their room under the piles of things. Capricorn on the other hand are very disciplined people.  Always managed and on time!

Aries use “freedom loving ” term to hide their undisciplined behavior. They link it to their way of living their life according to their choice.  Being free is like a licence to be undisciplined in life.

This things can cause a great conflicts and daily fights between Capricorn and Aries and can make their life a mess.


Both Aries and Capricorn are sensitive in their own way. Capricorns feel things in heart and Aries do things whole heartedly. This mutual “sensitivity” will either cause a great conflict or remarkable level of “understanding” between them.

Persistent Nature

Capricorns have very persistent nature. They are actually very serious and ambitious towards life. This trait drag Ram towards them. And as a result,  Aries give them their trust.

Aries start depending on Capricorn little by little. This Dependent thing can promise both of them a fulfilling future together. Because Aries don’t trust easily and never rely on others for no reason.

Sexual intimacy

Capricorns like to have planned sex. They want it slowly and they want it all. Aries on the other hand are “thirsty” type.

One good thing is that they both are some how kinky in love and don’t get afraid to try taboos which can make their sexual encounters remember able and long lasting. 

So in love, we can say that both Aries and Capricorn can actually get along very well.

If both of them will respect each other’s choices,  they actually have a lot of common things that can hook them up for life long period. Both zodiacs have quiet a number of mutual interests to share with each other.

Can Aries and Capricorn get along in friendship?

As discussed earlier,  Capricorns are sensitive. Aries on the other hand, can show extreme tantrums and mood swings. They get angry fast and will cool down even faster than that. But the damage done to Capricorn will be irreparable by that time. A broken heart Capricorn will sooner or later leave Aries for their own good.

To make this friendship work,  Aries have to work on them.

On the other hand,  Capricorns are full of fun and can attract Aries for companionship. Capricorn have ability to make Aries mood better. 

Both goat and ram belong to same ground and have high sense of being “Royal” . They may not want to leave their place for other. Which is another great conflict between them.

If they both will work on positivity,  they will get a trustworthy companionship and a shoulder to rely on.

Otherwise,  oops we can imagine their horns entangled together..