How to know if An Aries man is rejecting you


How to know if An Aries man is rejecting youRejection is no doubt hardest thing to handle. People love each other and love is not “unconditional” everytime. You need someone to love you back and hold you up. Aries also love whole heartedly but if they will ever feel uncomfortable they will feel no bad in breaking the bonds. If an Aries man is rejecting you,  trust us!  Its for your own good. 

Aries men usually don’t fall for any lady unless they are sure about it. But mistakes do happen. Sometimes,  the two can not connect after commitment. And may be we get to see the unkown side of a person we don’t know before.  Differences can happen anytime in a relationship.  Aries will never give up on their relation unless they feel it will never workout between you two. An Aries breaking ties is actually better than an Aries in a bitter relationship. 

Aries don’t hesitate in breaking false bonds. Its in their nature. They will love from head to toe or they will pack their bags and leave.  Their is no in between for them. You will surely know if an Aries is rejecting you. They can’t hide their feelings for very long. If you are new in a relationship with an Aries or want to be with them and you feel they are not paying attention . Be aware!  Leave and move on!  Aries get attracted to soul mates only. If you are not yours now, you will never be one ever. Rejection is the hardest part.  Aries may not find courage to say you on your face but they will surely show it with their actions. You can spot if an Aries man is rejecting you when

[]they are no longer paying attention to you

An Aries not paying attention is an Aries no where close to you. Don’t waste time to make your voice heard. Aries would never have ignored you at first place if you are special to them. 

[]You don’t feel yourself engaged with them any more. 

Aries men engage themselves with the ones they love the most. They do everything with mutual understanding and if that “engagement” is no more . You need to leave. 

[]You two have lack of communication 

Aries men believe in saving precious relationships. If they are not even talking to you or not having any sort of communication, it is a clear signal that they don’t want it anymore. 

[]Aries man is not respecting your choice anymore

Mutual agreement is important to Aries.  They respect choices of their partner. And Aries ignoring your wills and wishes is a clear sign of quitting. 

[]differences are rising

Aries love to live in peace. They want to enjoy their life with their partner happily.  If you see differences are rising and there is no stopping point, make yourself understand that this is the point where you say goodbye. 

[]They have started to point out your mistakes. 

Aries have short temperament. They keep quiet only when they are so deeply in love that they can’t imagine to leave you. Pointing your mistakes frequently means red flag. 

[]You are no longer their center of attraction. 

Lovers are like life lines to an Aries man. If an Aries man is rejecting you he will no longer pay attention to you. And you are no longer their center of attraction anymore. 

[]Spark is missing

Aries live a passionate life. And missing spark means relationship in Ashes. Move forward. 

[]Sex life is boring

Sex is something an Aries man can never deny. Sex is like their patrol for life. No Aries man can imagine boring sex. They want it every time and they want it exciting always. Boring sex life is a big no for Aries. If they are not sexually engaged with you anymore. They are not yours anymore. Aries are loyal creatures and saying good bye or rejecting someone is not their first preference at all. But if its not worth a relationship than its better to say goodbye rather than keeping false promises. Fake feelings only makes life tougher. 

If an Aries man is rejecting you, better to say Goodbye and find yourself a worthy and suitable companion.  Not everytime you two are made for each other.