Interesting Facts about Aries


Aries is the first astrological sign in the zodiac. starts on March 21 or the Spring Equinox. They are usually pioneers, leaders, and inventors. Aries tend to be physically active, very good at sports, competitive and full of energy. There are 80 facts about Aries that help you understand about them!
Interesting facts about Aries personality


Facts 1: Aries will never let you face your problems alone. They will always be right there to protect you.

Facts 2: Aries becomes heartless with whoever breaks their trust.

Facts 3: An aries sometimes can be an asshole and other times they can be the sweetest person you know. It all depends on you.

Facts 4: An Aries don’t care about having a lot of friends. They just need people around them who are genuine and real as they come.

Facts 5: Your actions tell an aries everything they need to know about you.

Facts 6: An aries can be aggressive and hard headed which means you need to be strong to handle them.

The weak don’t need to apply.

Facts 7: Never betray a loyal aries, you will never know what hit you.

Facts 8: Aries tell it how they see it, with absolutely no filters.

Facts 9: An Aries – overprotective side is highly nestled within them. Messing with someone they love is a big no-no

Facts 10: An Aries isn’t afraid to do something that they think is right, even if everyone else is against them.

Facts 11: When an aries is quiet, it’s usually because they have so much on their mind or they just do not want to be bothered at all.

Facts 12: an aries doesn’t like to be left in the dark about anything – so if you have the info, give it up.

Facts 13: Tell an Aries they don’t and they’ll fight tooth and nail to prove they can.

Facts 14: Aries will insist on being independent, even when they’re screaming for help on the inside.

Facts 15: Huge Aries problem: not knowing how to properly deal with their anger.

Facts 16: Once you have gained the friendship and respect or an Aries, there is only one way to love it, lie.

Facts 17: Aries hate sneaky people. they respect people who are straightforward, honest and direct.

Facts 18: Aries are a hyperactive sign and tend to have sleeping troubles. Their dreams are often intense and vivid, They find it very hard to wind down at night and ignore the health benefits of good sleep.

Facts 19: Aries got a crazy sense of humor especially around their best friends.

Facts 20: For Aries, love is a full-time job so whoever is their partner needs to be devoted full-time as well. They pay close attention t how involved you actually are and can spot a change in your attitude towards them quicker than you think.

Facts 21: Anything slow irritates an aries like crazy. Slow computers, slow phones, slow people. An Aries has little to no patience.

Facts 22: Aries are naturally open people, so if you want to know something about them all you have to do is ask they have nothing to hide.

Facts 23: An Aries will always believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself.

Facts 24: Aries do want you but they do not need you.

Facts 25: More than any other sign Aries are usually prone to wanting to punch people in the face from irritation.

Facts 26: As an Aries you hold a lot back, and don’t always explain yourself adequately. So few people have the chance to really know you.

Facts 27: Only 4 types of people tell the truth. Kids, the drunk, the angry and Aries

Facts 28: Most aries at some point have likely been told that their personality is intimidating.

Facts 29: No matter how aggressive an Aries can be, they are smart enough to know what battles to fight.

Facts 30: When an aries has a bad day, they just want a hug.

Facts 31: You can’t change aries minds, they change your minds.

Facts 32: An Aries will see through your lies like glass

Facts 33: Let’s be honest, an Aries is a fighter. They will go to war for you, for your love.

Facts 34: Aries might be emotionally detached sometimes, but they still love you alot more than you think.

Facts 35: They are very accident prone and fascinated by all kinds of music.

Facts 36: Aries appears younger than their age, because of their childlike spirit

Facts 37: An aries can snap on you one minute and the next minute be calm like nothing ever happened

Facts 38: The only three things Aries truly want from their partners are trust, loyalty and respect.

Facts 39: An Aries has all the traits you want and the most potential for greatness out of all the zodiac.

Facts 40: Aries know if they want something, they can make it happen with or without your support.

Facts 41: Aries take love very seriously. Don’t fuck with their hearts!

Facts 42: Aries doesn’t live their life it’s a popularity contest, if you like them, high five. If not, middle finger.

Facts 43: An Aries won’t stick around if they’re not interested. They won’t sit and pretend like they feel something when they really don’t

Facts 44: An Aries loves with all their heart and it’s never that easy for them to just turn their backs on someone they truly have love for.

Facts 45: Aries are brutally honest and straightforward. They don’t care if you like it or not.

Facts 46: Aries make great lovers. Their energy, drive and open mindedness makes romance and freak meet.

Facts 47: Aries like to be held in public. Let them know you want them wherever you go.

Facts 48: Aries always wake up in a good mood.. then stupidity happens.

Facts 49: Aries are huge music loves and tend to like a range of musical genres.

Facts 50: Aries mouth automatically says “Fuck” when something wrong happens. They can’t help it.

Facts 51: Being friends with an Aries is like having a warrior on your side. nobody will ever go up against you when they’re around.

Facts 52: Aries weakness is that they care too much.

Facts 53: When an Aries thinks you’re cheating, we’re almost always night, and we will catch you. we will leave you. we will never come back.

Facts 54: Aries described in one word: Amazing!

Facts 55: in their playlist, Aries has the perfect romance song for when they’re all in love and stuff.. and the perfect rage song when they’re pissed.

Facts 56: An Aries may not exacted their revenge now but know in some way, it will come.

Facts 57: Aries will not tell you if they are mad at you, but will act very moody to show you instead.

Facts 58: You can’t tell an Aries to “Keep calm” when they’re angry… there’s no such thing.

Facts 59: An Aries is a fiery mix of sensitivity and toughness.

Facts 60: An Aries can be hard to handle, but if you look beneath the surface you will find a warm person with a huge heart.

Facts 61: As an Aries you’re so anxious to make things happen because you believe you will lose your opportunity if you don’t act right away.

Facts 62: An Aries always know what’s being said, even when no one is talking.

Facts 63: Aries not only talks the talk they build the path to walk the walk.

Facts 64: I am an Aries because i hate to be controlled

Facts 65: If Aries could be with anyone, it’d still be you. It’s not what they feel for you, it’s what they don’t feel for anyone else but you.

Facts 66: Music plays a large role in the life of an Aries. In fact, without music Aries would feel a great part of them was missing.

Facts 67: Aries always go above and beyond for the people they love.

Facts 68: Once Aries had loved you, you’ll stay in their heart forever, no matter how bad things went between you two.

Facts 69: An Aries can come off as bossy, but really they’re trying to save you from getting hurt.

Facts 70: Aries can be a bit of a hermit at times.. without really seeing it.

Facts 71: tries not to judge people prematurely.. Aries likes to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Facts 72: Aries reaches for the stars without asking whenever possible.

Facts 73: Aries is always sharing a smile and a kind word with you.

Facts 74: Aries gets a little wrapped up in the future .. and frets over what hasn’t yet happened.

Facts 75: Aries showers you with kindness even when Aries is struggling.

Facts 76: Aries are gifted, creative and imaginative.

Facts 77: Tell and Aries they can’t, they” look at you like, “Watch me”.

Facts 78: No matter how many times Aries deny it, they’ll always remember every detail, moment and memories you left for them.

Facts 79: You’ll always see a softer side of an Aries when they know you’ve not judging them or that they can relate to you.

Facts 80: An Aries driving style is simple: Competitive fast and the worst road rage ever.

Interesting facts about Aries man

Facts 1: Aries can cross a snow cover mountain, bare body, to get what they want. They don’t compromise or negotiate. They like the spots getting what is difficult to them.

Facts 2: Wait until they bump into you. Never let them realize you are following them, it may turn them off.

Facts 3: Aries man is born to be a leader, not a follower. When it comes to relationships, he likes to have the control and requires recognition for his merits from his partner.

Facts 4: Aries men are very expressive, in all fields, from love to art. They are able to express their feelings in a perfect way. They are also great romantics.

Facts 5: They respond direct and like direct and daring communication. When he is around he should be sure that it is a feisty, haughty and quick witted match.

Facts 6: They are either completely dedicated to something or not dedicated at all! If they are interested in someone, they are entirely devoted to that person.

Facts 7: Most men born under this sign have a “short fuse” or are very moody. They get angry very easily, without major reasons. It takes a lot of effort to win their trust.

Facts 8: Flip your strategies—alternate between appearing timid or shy and flirting outrageously with them.

Facts 9: Aries man is very jealous and he needs constant proof of love in order to feel safe in a relationship. He is aggressive and full of energy and enthusiasm.

Facts 10: Just as they want to be surprised, they also like organizing surprises for almost all occasions, particularly when they are in a romantic relationship.

Facts 11: Aries man is always looking for a strong partner who has enough potential to challenge him, both mentally and physically. When it comes to love, he is aggressive, dominant, impulsive and tireless.

Facts 12: Aries men like vulnerable women but it doesn’t mean they like needy ones. Understand the difference and act accordingly.

Facts 13: He often has trouble accepting the authority of others, does not tolerate orders and does not want to listen even well-intentioned advice.

Facts 14: When you find that the time is right to tell him about your true feelings, appear to be most passionate while expressing your love for him. Once his attention is completely towards you give him a weak reason why this relationship would not work and see what he does (wink wink…).

Facts 15: Go in-front of them as blunt and sexy as you can, try some eye contacts and sexual hints, also flash some skin if you’ve got one. But don’t forget to back off suddenly after perfuming an inappropriate action.

Facts 16: Their motto is: “Do not interfere in my life”. They prefer complete freedom in everything they do. They hate being limited or restricted.

Facts 17: Mind games, philosophical debates are big “NO” for Aries men. They like passion and energy. You don’t need to be too intellectual to attract them rather focus on how you can get their blood pumping.

Facts 18: The trickiest part to attract an Aries men and being in a relation with them is dealing with their super-sized ego.

Facts 19: Praise a man born under the sign of Aries, and you will see how he would react! Aries men love flattery and praises.

Facts 20: His success often comes through his inability to accept defeat and failure. However, the Aries is can be a remarkable friend in good and evil, and is always here to lend you a helping hand.

Facts 21: Most Aries men are very ambitious. They like challenges and can deal with any given situation. This amazing feature brings them to a higher position in life.

Interesting facts about Aries woman

#Facts 1: If you win the heart of an ‎aries woman‬, you can really count yourself lucky.

#Facts 2: Aries woman‬ are the catch of the Zodiac. They are romantic, passionate, affectionate, and hard to get.

#Facts 3: Nothing turns off an ‪‎Aries woman like‬ clinging, groveling, or excuses.

#Facts 4: Dating an ‪Aries woman‬? Stand your ground. She don’t like the weak.

#Facts 5: Aries woman have‬ quick tempers and come off being bossy.

#Facts 6: Aries woman prefer‬ a classy mate to make them feel proud. Aries have a strong ego regarding status.

#Facts 7: The perfect ‪‎Aries woman‬ is a mix of a teacher, wonder woman and a porn star.

#Facts 8: Aries woman‬ will act like gentle feminine creatures but in fact that will beat your ass down if need be.

#Facts 9: Aries woman can put their mind into solving problems in a crisis better than many other Zodiacs.

#Facts 10: To love an ‪aries woman‬, dont leave anything on the table. Give her your ALL and total being.

#Facts 11: Don’t touch a aries woman when‬ she’s angry, sad, or does not know you. You will be yelled at.

#Facts 12: Once an ‪Aries woman is‬ determined to do something, nothing will stop them.

#Facts 13: Aries woman is a little shy but mostly stubborn.

#Facts 14: Aries woman do not like complicated things. With them, just expect a straight-up fuck.

#Facts 15: If you ask an ‪Aries woman for‬ advice, they will certainly give it to you. You may like like what is said so make sure you have a backbone.

#Facts 16: Aries woman is both aggressive and tender, a leader and one who acquiesces, and is both practical and creative.

#Facts 17: Aries woman do have weaknesses but it never stops them.

#Facts 18: Aries woman will find many ways to make you happy. Aries love seeing you sport a smile.

#Facts 19: Aries woman want‬ you to realize just how damn important they are in your life.

#Facts 20: When walking, an Aries woman is always one or two steps ahead of everyone else.

#Facts 21: Aries woman will keep any pressure or insult deep down inside without showing emotion.

#Facts 22: An ‪‎Aries woman can‬ brighten anyone’s day.

#Facts 23: You will never see an ‪#Aries woman emotion‬ of disappointment. You will always wonder what they think and feel.

#Facts 24: Aries woman, you’re the life of the party and always have a good time!

#Facts 25: Aries woman — Act now, think later.

#Facts 26: To win an ‪‎Aries woman over‬, never give up.

#Facts 27: An ‪Aries woman has‬ opinions. And they won’t back down.

#Facts 28: Aries qualities‬: leadership, strength and power.

#Facts 29: When an ‪‎Aries woman feels‬ sad, do not leave them alone. Be very supportive!

#Facts 30: Aries woman will keep busy when single. They don’t worry about hooking up or falling in love, they worry about what needs to be done.

#Facts 31: Aries woman will work very hard to reach their goal and a feeling of satisfaction.

#Facts 32: Aries woman will hide and cover up weak emotions like sadness in order to maintain and keep up their image.

#Facts 33: A hurt Aries woman will suddenly become quiet, cold, or act very strong or very secure.

#Facts 34: Aries woman can‬ be talkative, but they will never give anyone advice unless asked.

#Facts 35: Aries woman have‬ a huge appetite for love.

#Facts 36: ‎Aries woman sex‬ is like nothing else. You will remember how amazing it was for life

#Facts 37: ‎Aries woman want‬ quick results. They don’t have time to wait..

#Facts 38: Aries woman are‬ either red hot or ice cold.

#Facts 39: Aries have an ability to find the truth in any situation.

#Facts 40: Never tell an ‪‎Aries woman what‬ to do. Unless, you want to get punched in the face– hard.

#Facts 41: Aries woman cannot‬ stand stagnant relationships. If shit gets boring they will wander.

#Facts 42: And the #1 thing is that all woman do‬ is win.

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