What It’s Like To Have Sex With A Feisty Aries Woman


Aries are the feistiest of all the zodiac signs. Inside and outside of the bedroom, we won’t let anything hold us back from having the time of our lives. That’s why we’re the best to have sex with. No two times will be identical, because we know how to spice things up.

1. We’ll Surprise You with Sex

We don’t believe in scheduling sex. We’re spontaneous, so we’re going to have sex whenever the urge strikes. You’ll never be able to guess when we’ll strip off all of our clothes and be waiting for you in the bedroom, because we won’t even know that we’re going to do it until it actually happens.

2. We Enjoy Taking Control

We’re into domination. But that doesn’t mean we want you to just let us climb on top of you without a fight. Competition makes everything more fun, which is why we like to wrestle for control.

3. We Have a High Sex Drive

Anyone who believes men are hornier than women haven’t met an Aries. We have a high libido, so we try to have sex as often as we can. It doesn’t matter how long it lasts, because we’ll be ready to go again in a few minutes. Multiple orgasms are our best friends.

4. We’ll Initiate Intercourse

If we like you, we’ll invite you back to our place. If we’re in the mood, we’ll kiss you or jump on your lap. We don’t have a lot of self-control, so we do whatever we feel like doing in the moment. It’s hard for us to hold back.

5. Public Sex Turns Us On

The possibility of getting caught is a major turn on for us. That’s why we’d prefer to have sex in a library than in our own bedrooms. We live for adrenaline, so the riskier the location is, the happier we’ll be.

6. We like It Rough

You don’t have to be gentle with us. While the occasional forehead kisses and caresses are always sweet, we love to have our hair pulled and to be thrown against the wall. Passion is hot, so don’t be afraid to toss us around a bit.

7. We Prefer Intelligence over Looks

We’d rather sleep with a guy with a big vocabulary than a guy with a big penis. Stimulating conversation is way more important to us than looks are. We’re far from shallow.

8. We’re Blunt

You won’t have to wonder if we’re satisfied in bed, because we’ll be honest with you about your performance from the start. You won’t have to play any guessing games when you’re with us.

9. We’re Open to Using Toys

We love to experiment. If that means bringing toys into the bedroom, so be it. We’re open-minded, so we won’t hesitate to try anything that promises to bring us pleasure.

10. We Won’t Stop until We Both Orgasm

Aries aren’t as selfish as everyone thinks we are. After all, we don’t want sex to end until both of us orgasm. We know it’s unfair for one person to get all of the satisfaction, so we’ll do whatever we can to finish what we’ve started.

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