Lipstick Shades That an Aries Woman Should Wear on Date to Impress Him


Aries are hard to resist and when it comes to an Aries woman, the young, sexy and seductive lady is really hard to ignore.

Aries women are bold, independent and have a strong personality impact that can’t be missed by your eyes in any party or meeting. They surely know how to present them.
Never misjudge an Aries woman with her looks. She is always and fully aware of the secret message that she wants to give you with her killing looks.

Here are some gorgeous lip colors that we suggest for an Aries woman to wear on the date and we bet he will be on his toes.

1. Red:

Red is sexy, seductive and inviting. Red is the color for Aries. It shows a bag full of passion and strength that all the Arian personalities hold within themselves.

It is the color of love and emotions.

Red is something that everyone cannot handle easily.

Only daring personalities know how to carry this mystic color with full honesty.

And who is more daring than Aries? No one

So Wear red and see the magic.

We suggest some sultry cuts and a flirty smile along with red lipstick to trap him from all sides.

Red will help you in few another date to get you enough time to impress him with your charm.

2. Brown


The sexiest of all…

Chocolate lips…

Brown is an expertise not everyone knows…wear brown and show your inner rage to tell him how strongly you feel for him.

Careless but inviting eye movements with Brown can take you to the bed and don’t blame us for this because it’s you, who is looking that much seductive that no gentleman can hold up for long.

3. Pink

We don’t suggest light shades of pink for our daring ladies. Light shades of pink are ok if you are having a breakfast date with your buddy but a super-hot shocking pink can do the wonders that we want. And we want no less than all his attention.

Dark shades of pink will impress him enough to stay quiet and prefer listening to you.
So say all your words carefully because he is really going to listen. Be confident and he is going to fall for you.

4. Orange

We consider orange tones on your lips as a direct invitation from you so if you have decided to take the relationship to next level than orange is must for you.

Before putting on an orange color on your lips, take a time to think if you really want him bent in front of you because there will be no go back for him, once you have decided

Always use orange as your attacking tool.

5. Green Or Blue

You want to wear green or blue on your date??

Shut up my darling bitch…

Who wears green and blue on their first date?

Showing your daring side is good but hide your bitchy part for a while unless he is in your comfort zone. Only then, attacking him with these colors is justified.
Otherwise, don’t blame us please if he runs away.




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