5 Negative Personality Traits That Make Aries Women a “True Bitch”


Aries women are hot, bold, confident and independent on one side but can be a true bitch on another side. Here are the negative personality traits that make Aries women a true bitch.

1. Aries Women Are Stubborn

Aries women are consistent enough to qualify for “being stubborn”. They can be irritating sometimes and can sound a true bitch especially when it comes to relationship goals. This stubbornness can even fail their relationship and cause their partner to run away, but… don’t mind. While acting a bitch, who cares?

2. The Arrogance Level of Aries Women Is High

Yes… Aries are too self-reliant and can be mean, aggressive and arrogant. The aggressive side of Aries women does not bring rainbows with it and of course, there is no other option left than being entitled as a bitch.

Aries women usually have great survival skills that make them fierce and ignorant from most of the things. Their arrogance can be a part of their ignorance level and can lead them towards dark sides of personality. Aries women don’t care even if you are not liking the situation. Sometimes Aries women do not become afraid to hurt your emotions and this makes them a true bitch.

3. Aries Women Are Impulsive

Aries women are usually independent and free souls and this makes them impulsive and impatient. They can take any decision in rush and may realize later that it was a bad option.

Being impulsive can make them selfish and mean sometimes and may result in a list of failures.

Wow, a list… but Aries woman may even give it a damn!!!

4. Aries Women Loves Being Sarcastic Sometimes

Although Aries women have a good sense of humor but she can sometimes be sarcastic also without even realizing. Her arrogance and impulsive nature can make her say a shit without even realizing that she is sounding really a bitch.

5. Aries Women Can Be a Confrontational Bitch Sometimes

The high independence level of Aries women makes them confrontational sometimes. Their argumentative powers can really be a true headache for anyone. And they can be so irritating that you may say “hey bitch stop arguing please!!!”




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